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Department of Physical Therapy

Entry-Level Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Graduate Program

RehabilitationThe profession of Physical Therapy promotes optimal human health and function through application of scientific principles to prevent, identify, assess, correct and alleviate acute or prolonged movement dysfunction. The roles of the physical therapist practitioner in achieving this purpose are multidimensional; they encompass planning and implementing patient care and education, as well as providing consultative and administrative services in the delivery of physical therapy services. The professional also needs knowledge and expertise in directing clinical research and quality-improvement management.

The entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy program is a three-year (eight semesters) full-time course of study. Completion of graduate-level course of study leads to the granting of the DPT degree. This new education standard for physical therapy prepares graduates to practice autonomously in preparation for direct access. The DPT is the required degree to become a licensed physical therapist as of 2015. The DPT program focuses on critical thinking strategies that promote effective analysis and interpretation of data in the formulation of treatment alternatives that can achieve predictable functional outcomes in patient management.

Individuals must possess a baccalaureate degree and complete all prerequisite requirements prior to beginning the professional program. Following successful completion of the professional curriculum, the student receives the DPT degree. Completion of a postgraduate internship is required to be eligible to seek a license to practice Physical Therapy in the state of California.

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