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Department of Public Health

Education and Training

Foundations in Public Health - Provides a fundamental, basic introduction and historical overview of public health. This 6-8 hour training is for entry level staff that has no academic preparation in public health.

Principles of Customer Service - Discusses the basic principles of customer service which include telephone responding skills, cultural diversity and cross-cultural competency. This 5-hour training is for any staff that interacts with the public in their normal work duties.

Interviewing Skills and Supervisory Training - Provides an overview of the interview process, exploring process and effective supervision. This training has 3 sections, each of which is 4-hours. This curriculum is for all staff.

Applied Epidemiology and Biostatistics - Discusses basic public health preventative medicine, includes practical applications and problem solving. Details causes of diseases. The 6-hr training provides training for staff without public health academic preparation.

Advanced Epidemiology and Biostatistics - Entails advanced public health preventative medicine and applications toward problem solving, this is a refresher course provided to personnel with an academic background in public health. This 4-hour training provides training for personnel with an academic background in Public Health.

Ethical and legal issues in Public Health - Overview of Law versus Ethics, defining Law and Ethics to include the American Ethos and its price, as well as the inherent power for government over those governed. : This 4-hr training is provided for any entry level staff.

Public Health Basis on Nutrition and Physical Activity - Examines the health status of social economic status factors in chronic disease risk. Review national health goals and objectives related to nutrition and physical activity includes familiarization with nutrition and physical activity guidelines for a healthy lifestyle. This 4-hour training is set for entry level staff.

Basic Principles of Health Behavior - Introduction to mental, emotional and social factors that influence personal decision making and action affecting health-related behavior. This 4-hour training is for entry level staff.

Advanced Principles of Health Behavior - Introduces several models and techniques for designing health-related behavior change problems for clients attending various Public Health agencies. This 4-hour training is meant to serve as a refresher.

Basic Principles of Public Health Administration - Provides an overview of management principles and their application in public health settings. This 4-hour is meant for entry level public health workers.

Advanced Principles of Public Health Administration - Provides analysis of marketing strategies and planning principles in public health. This 4-hour training is meant as a refresher.

Cultural Competence Training for Public Health Workers - Helps public health workers increase their awareness and sensitivity to the health care needs of various cultural and ethnic groups living in the U.S.- each module can be taught to separately to accommodate the needs of the target group. This 14-hr workshop is for entry level employees dealing with multicultural groups.

Bio-terrorism: A public health perspective for reducing the risk - Educates public health employees, intended to give background on diseases causing organisms, normal biology and why they are probable candidates for bioterrorism. This 4-hour training is meant for all employees.

Training for Medical Interpreters - Entails the vital role of accurate translations in public health settings. This course focuses on communication skills, techniques for accurate translation and interpretations, precision in translating oral and printed material, along with basic health terms in various languages. This 3-hr course is meant for interpreters in public health setting.

The vital role of accurate translations in public health settings - Presents major alternative healing and holistic health practices used by Hispanics, African, Asian/pacific Islanders, Native, and White Americans. This 6-hr workshop is provided for health care practitioners and health care providers.