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Department of Public Health

Frequently Asked Questions

How do these courses/trainings benefit me?

Continuing your education in Public Health is the key in maintaining public health services. These trainings help you attain benefits that will affect you on a personal level, work setting, and in your local community.

How often are these trainings offered?

Check with your local health department to find out which trainings are being offered, or call the Public Health Training Academy.

Are these trainings/courses available on-line?

Yes, selective courses are offered on-line, check with your local county health department or call the Central California Public Health Academy for specific dates.

Who do I talk to about taking theses trainings?

Call the Central California Public Health Training Academy for information on who to get in contact with at your local health department.

How much do these trainings cost?

Contact the Central California Public Health Academy to find out specific information about the training you are interested in taking.