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Department of Public Health

Contributing Partners

The Fresno County Health Department

Vision: To lead an integrated network of community partners that supports, protects and strengthens children and families. Website

The Kern County Health Department

Vision: To work with county staff and departments to help them provide excellent customer service to the residents of Kern County. Website

The Kings County Health Department

Vision: To promote the physical, mental, social, and environmental health of the people of Kings County. Website

The Madera County Health Department

Vision: To protect and promote the health of the community by means of preventative medical sanitation and educational services. This department is also responsible for enforcing all state and local health laws. Website

The Merced County Health Department

Vision: Merced County Public Health provides essential programs and services to help protect and improve the health of our community. We are always working to make Merced County a safer and healthier place to live. Website

San Joaquin County Health Department

Vision: Public health Services, in partnership with the community, promotes a healthy future for San Joaquin County. Website

Tulare County Health Department

Vision: Tulare County Health & Human Services Agency develops, implements, and promotes public policies that improve the well being of the people of Tulare County through programs provided in a caring, collaborative, and culturally respectful manner. Website

Stanislaus County Health Department

Stanislaus County Health Department serves the public interest by promoting public health, safety, welfare, and local economy in an efficient cost-effective manner. Website