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SAFE: Central Valley Coalition


"The class teaches becoming more aware of the conditions you may encounter in a variety of settings and how to quickly adjust to them.  I had a strong fear of slipping in the shower before taking the class.  After attending, my confidence in receiving balance signals from the sensors in my feet built my confidence to feel safe in the shower.  The instructor's willingness to help you achieve an understanding of how the body and mind work to keep you safe and secure when moving around the home and public places."
-Don, age 77

"This class has helped me to focus on a visual target when getting up from a chair.  I used to look down and loose my balance.  You should attend to learn the important issues on balancing, such as how to step if you are falling, forward and backward especially."
-Mimi, age 83

"I have learned how to be aware of what's around me in order to avoid falls.  It is a wonderful program and a great help to seniors.  We are lucky to have it."
-Phylis, age 79

"The class has helped me with better balance on the golf course, has improved my golf swing, and made walking on the grass more secure. Using skills learned in this program, I find it less tiring to do simple household chores. Although I had no falls before, I am now better prepared to anticipate a fall and can walk securely with confidence."
-Sam, age 89

"Just a note to let you know how much we appreciate you and the gang for giving us the opportunity to participate in the Fall Prevention Program. Everyone who worked with us conducted yourselves in a very professional manner.  Before attending the clinic, I was falling on average about once a week.  Since attending the class and up to now (6 months later), I have only fallen once.  I credit the Fall Prevention Program for this improvement. We are walking regularly and performing exercises daily.  Another important thing we received from the program was that it restored our love and respect for the youth of America.  As a group of young adults, you conducted yourselves in a very mature way."
-Elmer and Mae

"Definitely would refer friends and family to this program.  The class is well organized to meet the needs of seniors.  The pace is a challenge but not so much as to discourage participation.  Instructors are well prepared and pay close attention to students, making corrections to posture and are always mindful of senior safety.  My ankles are much stronger now an dI am more at ease stepping off the curb or descending stairs."
-Donna, age 65

"I was leaning to my right side and my ribs were hurting.  Since taking this class, I am walking much better and my ribs don't hurt."
-Carmen, age 74

"I am much more confident in my abilities to move around my home and outside than I was before taking the (FallProof) class."
-Patricia, age 78

"The young ladies and men who work with us are great, they are good at their jobs and patient with us.  They are friendly, kind and very helpful."
-Randi, age 78


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Contact the Department of Physical Therapy

Phone: (559) 278-7539