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Central California Social Welfare Evaluation, Research and Training Center


Social service organizations in the region often require research and information to assist and guide them in planning and decision-making, implementing social service delivery systems, and in advocating for human service policies beneficial to residents of the region.  Research conducted by SWERT seeks to inform policy-makers, human service providers, and stakeholders on regional conditions and needs, best and promising practices, and the affects of regional policies and programs. 

A current example of primary research is a Department of Social Work Education’s study on best and promising practices to assist elderly residents of the region.  The study is sponsored by the Central California Area Social Service Consortium, which the Department of Social Work Education and The College of Health and Human Services are members. Faculty from the Department of Social Work Education are providing leadership for this study by coordinating research activities with social work departments at CSU Bakersfield and Stanislaus.  As the region continues to expand and grow, research and information becomes critical to understanding and planning for the human service needs of the region.