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Central California Area Social Services Consortium



  • Host: Dr. Donna Beagle "Poverty 101" Regional Convening.
  • Presentation: California Partners for Permenency(CAPP) by Fresno County
  • Presentation: Central California Childrens's Institute- Dr. Cassandra Joubert
  • Presentation: Calaveres County's Innovative Community Outreach Strategy funded through a federal Office of County Services (OCS) Grant
  • Presentation: California Welfare Laboratory (C-Well) Dr. Christopher Wimer, Stanford University
  • Presentation: Mariposa County/ Califonia Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC).


  • Presentation: IHSS Budget Cuts & impact on other Social Service Programs (Santa Barbara County)
  • Position Paper: CCASSC Position paper authored in support of SB1084(Liu) and the establishment of a California Economic Security Task Force
  • Supporter: CSU, Stanislaus Conference on "Poverty Reductuion Strategies in the San Joaquin Valley: Voices From the Field."
  • Presentation: Dr. David Chenot- "Organizational Dynamics and Retention in Public Child Welfare Agencies ( Redux)
  • Presentation: Dr. Sheryl Clark- "Retention Factors in the Workforce:Turnover Statistics"
  • Presentation: Patricia Poulson, MSW- "Making Ends meet: CCASSC County Comparision"
  • NIDA Presentation: Dr. Virginia Rondero Hernandez "Stigma & Shame Reduction in Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery."
  • Presentation: Bee (Cher Teng) Yang, MSW- "Serving South East Asian Families: Current Needs and Trends."


  • Established:CCASSC Student Stipend Program.  Research stipends awarded to outstanding student researchers who contribute  thesis/project material that advances the region’s program/policy knowledge in  the public social services fields. Participating universities include California State University,  Bakersfield, California State University, Fresno and California State University, Stanislaus
  • Presentation: Central California C-CFSR  Child Welfare Outcome and Accountability,   data trends
  • Special Round Table: CCASSC/Mental Health  Directors regional round table to improve cross-systems collaboration
  • Initiated:  CCASSC Poverty Reduction Project with a goal  of reducing  Central California Child  Poverty by 50% by the year 2020
  • Presentation: Budget Cuts for Central California Counties- Impact on Children,  Families and Adults
  • Presentation:  New Statewide Training Regulations and Statewide/Regional Training  Outcome Data
  • Presentation:  “Voices of the Valley: Residents Speak of  Children”.  Regional Study by the California State University,  Fresno Children’s Institute
  • Presentation: Merced County reported on  the “Bridges out of Poverty” Program   initiated by their County
  • Research Brief Update:  “Methamphetamine: Profile of Successful  Treatment Strategies.”


  • Presentation: Safe Measures
  • Presentation: C-CFSR Site Visit Results and Statewide Implications: Fresno County
  • Presentation: Central California Methamphetamine Incidence Study: Findings and Implications
  • Presentation: Child welfare system improvements: 11 County Pilot Evaluation- San Luis Obispo
  • Presentation: Use of IBM Buisiness Objects for County Outcome Data Analysis
  • Presentation: SB163 Wraparound Participation Rates
  • Roundtable Discussion: Central California Poverty Reduction
  • Research "Talking points": Poverty Reduction in Central California
  • Research Breif: APS Workload and Service Delivery in Central California
  • Research Brief: Responding to the Needs of Mothers and Children Affected by Methamphetamine Abuse in Central California
  • Research Brief: Methamphetamine and Child Welfare Services: A Four-County Case Review Study


  • Research Report: The Human Service Needs of Central California Elders
  • Presentation: Comparative Data: Central Region Child Welfare  Services Outcomes
  • Presentation: Comparative Data-Central Region CalWorks  Outcomes
  • Presentation- Comparative Data- Disproportionate Representation  of Children of Color in Central Region Foster Homes
  • Presentation: “The Changing Face of In-home Supportive  Services (IHSS)"


  • Presentation: AB636 Outcomes- County Data Comparisons
  • Presentation: DA/Fraud: Comparison of Data and Contracts in  Region
  • Presentation: Cal  Works Outcomes-County Data Comparisons
  • Paper: San    Joaquin Valley  Partnership: Regional Human Service Needs and Recommended Actions.


  • Presentation: AB636 Outcomes-County Data Comparisons
  • Developed: County Based Model for Establishing a  "Claims Integrity Unit"
  • Issued: Adult Services System of Care RFP
  • Presentation: Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)


  • Presentation: AB636 Outcomes-County Data Comparisons
  • Presentation: Revenue Management/ Pre-placement Prevention
  • Presentation: California's  Relative Approval Process: Impact needs
  • Presentation: IHSS: Descriptive Data, Costs and  Cost-Containment Strategies