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San Joaquin Valley Public Health Consortium

The San Joaquin Valley Public Health Consortium

California MapThe San Joaquin Valley Public Health Consortium (SJVPHC) is a regional approach to serving the public health needs of the San Joaquin Valley and adjoining member counties. Members of SJVPHC include Human Services Agency and Public Health Directors, Deputy and Assistant Directors, and Health Officers from CalaverasFresnoKingsMadera, MariposaMerced, San BenitoSan Joaquin, Stanislaus, Tulare, and Tuolumne counties. The San Joaquin Valley Public Health Consortium is facilitated by the Central California Center for Health and Human Services at California State University, Fresno.

Equity Analysis, which we hope will spark conversations and commitment towards eliminating inequities faced by the San Joaquin Valley. The report is meant to encourage readers to ask "why?", and SJVPHC will be pursuing work that aims to answer the most pressing "why's". This report is meant to lay the groundwork for future analyses, and to act as a foundational data set that can inform work in the Valley. More work is on the horizon, and SJVPHC will be launching into a series of follow-up reports that highlight racial/ethnic equity issues and other topics related to the report. Please check back in here for those in the near future!  

Analysis of Health Equity