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Central California Children's Institute

Project Goals

Please add alternative text ccciThe goal of this project was to inform TCE state and local policy efforts on behalf of BMoC through data and capacity building. The three objectives for this project, listed below, focused on core strategies and activities needed to identify and document health and social disparities for Fresno's BMoC, translate the data into policy recommendations, and widely communicate the findings.

  • Data Gathering and Synthesis: Identify, gather and compile existing and new data that fit conceptually in four domains (socioeconomic, health, safety, and ready to learn) for African American, Latino and Southeast Asian boys and men ages 6 -25.
  • Recommendations for Policy and System Enhancements: Identify data, policy and system improvement targets that would reduce socioeconomic, health, safety and ready to learn disparities for Fresno African American, Latino, and Southeast Asian boys and men of color.
  • Communication and Dissemination: Communicate policy and system enhancement recommendations to TCE's Building Healthy Communities (BHC) constituents and others.

As a result of these objectives and corresponding activities, the project attained outcomes in information and knowledge. It also resulted in outcomes tied to community capacity, and systems change. The last two will result as this knowledge will enhance the capacity of Fresno community organizations to understand data and its impact and to utilize data to advocate for systems and policy change.

Information Outcomes

  • Compilation of data from public and other sources which document disparities among local BMoC.
  • Data from local programs serving Fresno BMoC that help articulate program enhancements and policy recommendations.

Knowledge Outcomes

  • Increased knowledge among community leaders, policy makers, service providers, educators, and others of the health disparities for African American, Latino, and Southeast Asian boys and men in Fresno.

Community Capacity Outcomes

  • An identified leadership model for continuing work to reduce health and social disparities among Latino BMoC in Fresno.

Systems Change Outcomes

  • A comprehensive list of policy recommendations to reduce health and social disparities for Latino, African American, and Southeast Asian boys and men of color in Fresno.