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Central California Children's Institute

Project Goals

project goalsThe goal of the Central California Children's Agenda is to reach an agreement on a set of priorities for improving outcomes of children in the Valley. These priorities will require focus and attention, resources, collaboration, action, monitoring and evaluation. However, without an agenda, each area of the region pursues its own priorities without the collective heft of leadership toward common goals. Our failure to have a united voice on behalf of children and families in the Central Valley is a major limitation that invites the status quo and leaves progress to chance. Children and families in the Valley can't wait! We must work together and speak in concert to assure that Valley children achieve their fullest potential.

We envision a region that ensures and prioritizes the future of all children and families.

An important goal was to secure endorsements of the Children's Agenda by 100 organizations and individuals by May 2011. We exceeded this goal, with 115 organizations currently supporting the agenda. Click here to see a list of supporting organizations.