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Central California Sports Sciences Institute

Research and Community Outreach


Past Projects

  • Robinson Elementary Health and Wellness Program
  • Lentell G, Sailor S Taisa Skovorodko T, Maschmeyer M, Andersen N, Alfaro D: the Robinson   Elementary Sports Club – A Pilot Study on Decreasing Body Mass Index and Improving Fitness
  • Lentell G, Harris G, Hickey C, Oza P: A Case Series Analysis of Muscle Recruitment about the Elbow
  • Fujihara J,Lentell G, Hickey C, Sawdon-Bea J:  Single Limb Balance after Gluteus Medius Fatigue in Adolescent Female Soccer Players Demonstrating Medial Collapse
  • Harris G, Tos K, Lentell G, Sailor S, Hickey C:  The Difference in Acceptability Created by Increased Professional Oversight When Introducing an Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Prevention Program to Middle School and High School Female Soccer Coaches
  • Skovorodko T, Vertrees J, Lentell G, Ruwe M, Sailor S:  Addressing Childhood Obesity Through a Sports Medicine Based Program at Robinson Elementary School: A Pilot Study
  • Sidhu AS, Lentell G, Pettitt R: Dabbing the skin surface dry during Ice massage augments rate of temperature drop. International Journal of Exercise Science. 2008; 1(1); 14-20.
  • Pettitt R, Sailor S, Lentell G, Tanner C, Murray S: Yergason’s test: discrepancies in description and implications for diagnosing biceps subluxation. Athletic Training Education Journal; 2008;3(4):143-147.