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Department of Military Science and Leadership

Leadership Training

Developing Leaders Presence

Cadets participate in a variety of active learning experiences designed to develop, monitor, maintain, and assess physical fitness for their future Army careers and a lifetime of physical activity.

 Developing Leaders Adaptive and Creative Thinking

Situational Training Exercise (STX)

A Situational Training Exercise (STX) is a short, scenario-driven, mission-oriented, limited exercise that is designed to develop cadets on the proficiency in planning, executing, and assessing complex operations. Cadets will learn to adapt to the ever-changing conditions while using innovation to accomplish the mission.

Collaborative Problem Solving and Team Work

Field Leaders Reaction Course (FLRC)

The Field Leaders Reaction Course (FLRC) course develops leadership and builds team cohesion. Cadets demonstrate initiative and teamwork while negotiating difficult physical obstacles. Cadets develop the capacity to understand personal interactions with others.

Developing Cultural Awareness and Understanding

Cadet Gonzaga posing with a Thai High School Student during a meet and greet.

CDT Gonzaga, Gabriel 

Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency (CULP) provides contracted ROTC cadets with the opportunity to be immersed into foreign cultures that will expose cadets to the realities that other countries have a vastly different lifestyles, economic standing and world perspective. Participants experience up to three different venues during immersion that include humanitarian service, host nation military-to-military contact and education on the social, cultural and historical aspects of the country.

CULP is aimed at promoting the study of languages and cultural studies which is the important to the development of future leaders. Deployments are usually 31-33 days long consisting of 5 days Pre-Deployment Soldier Readiness Processing and Training at Fort Knox, 21-23 days in the foreign country to complete the mission, and 3-5days of Post-Deployment Soldier Readiness Processing, also at Fort Knox. Trip expenses are covered and a small stipend is paid to Cadets during the deployment. Cadets will also earn three unit credits and receive additional Culture and Language points on the Order of Merit List (OML).


  • US Citizen
  • Contracted Army ROTC cadet from any university or college in the US
  • Medically Qualified (DODMERB Completed) 
  • Access to an AKO account (contact a Cadre member for assistance)

How to  Apply:

  • Application window is open from 25 Sep 14 through 25 Oct 2014.
  • Instructions on completing the CULP application can be found here.

Project Global Officers

Project GoCDT Dhaliwal, Parmesh

Project Global Officers (GO) is a Department of Defense (DoD) program that provides language immersion studies in foreign countries for both contracted and non-contracted ROTC cadets. Project GO is focused exclusively on the languages and countries of the Middle East, Asia, Central Asia, and Africa.

The study trip amounts to roughly eight weeks in another country with focus in language immersion and culture studies. Although funding benefits vary from program to program, most cadets who are accepted receive a scholarship that covers tuition, room & board, class fees, and airfare to the study abroad destination. Cadets will also earn university credits and receive additional Culture and Language points on the Order of Merit List (OML).


  • US Citizen
  • Army ROTC student from any university or college in the US
  • Any year and major of undergraduate study
  • Contracted or non-contracted cadets
  • Any level of language proficiency (zero to advanced)
  • On track to commission
  • Available during program dates

How to  Apply:

  • Project GO summer 2015 and academic year programs and scholarship opportunities will be available for search starting October 1, 2014.

Cadet Troop Leadership Training

CTLT CDT ArpoikaCTLT Cadet Arpoika, Hondo (2nd from the right)

Cadet Troop Leadership Training (CTLT) provides Cadets the opportunity to serve in lieutenant-level leadership positions in order to experience leadership in active-duty unitsArmy units over a three to four week period. Assignments include units that are located CONUS and OCONUS. Cadets are assigned a unit mentor, and are provided on-post lodging and meals via a Dining Facility.


  • MS3 Cadets only
  • Before or after completion of Advanced Camp