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Central California Social Welfare Evaluation, Research and Training Center


The purpose of SWERT is to support knowledge and learning about the human condition, social issues, and service delivery systems in the Central California region. SWERT seeks to advance inquiry, theory, education, policy and practice that promote social welfare and social justice.  The Central California region is largely defined by the San Joaquin Valley, but may include other approximate regions as well (i.e. Central Coast). SWERT will serve as a university resource for human service organizations, providers, and stakeholders in the identification and study of social welfare issues and policies impacting the region. Through acquisition of external resources and support, SWERT will engage in research, training, and evaluation activities consistent with the university’s mission of scholarship and community engagement. 


To establish a center dedicated to meeting the social welfare research, training and evaluation needs of human service systems and residents of Central California.


To engage academic and community based partners in the provision of research, training, and evaluation in order to promote the social welfare interest and betterment of Central California.

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