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Air Force ROTC

Scabbard and Blade

C Company, 21st Regiment

Founded in 2016, C Company at Fresno State is open to cadets of both Army and Air Force ROTC. We strive for excellence in academics and military studies.


"We are dedicated to developing aspiring and current military officers that emulate the Five Star qualities while fostering strong joint-service relationships."


Scabbard & Blade was founded during the school year 1904-1905 at the University of Wisconsin by five senior officers in the cadet corps. The five founders of S&B were Leo M. Cook, Albert W. Foster, Victor R. Griggs, Charles A. Taylor, and Harold K. Weld.

The Society has become inactive on two occasions. These were during World War I and World War II, when there were no courses of military training in universities and colleges because every able bodied man was in the service. The first National Convention was held on May 11, 1906, at Madison, Wisconsin, and was attended by representatives of the four Companies which then comprised the Society. Conventions were held annually until April 1916, after which no convention was held until February 1920. This inactivity was due to World War I. Following the 1920 meeting, conventions were held every two years. This practice continued until 1940 when war interrupted the progress of the Society and all companies were directed by General Order to bring their affairs to a close. In November 1947, after seventy companies had been reactivated, a convention was called.

Five Stars

  • Honor
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Officership
  • Unity



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