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Central California Area Social Services Consortium

Archived MSW Student Research Stipends

Robert M Secula, ASW

Master of Social Work Students' Attitudes Towards Incarcerated Individuals


Sandra Ambriz, MSW, PPSC

Perceptions of Former Latina Teen Mothers Regarding The High Rates of Teen Pregnancy Among Latinas

PowerPoint - Sandra Ambriz

Paper Sandra Ambriz

Helen Shih

Transracial Adoption Issues in Latinx Transracial Adoptees

PowerPoint - Helen Shih

Paper - Helen Shih

Laurel E Barnett, MSW

LGBTQ Foster Youth in Fresno & Madera County

PowerPoint - Laurel Barnett

Paper - Laurel Barnett

Savannah R Gomes, MSW, PPSC

Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology: An Evaluation of Patient-Centered Care

PowerPoint - Savannah Gomes

Paper - Savannah Gomes

Leonor Sierra, MSW candidate

Physician-assisted end of life option act and California social workers: Are they ready?

PowerPoint - Leonor Sierra

Ryan Smith, MSW PPS

A Correlation Study: The Influence of personal online communication on adolescents' self-disclosure

PowerPoint - Ryan Smith

Paper - Ryan Smith

Vanessa Cregar, MSW

Self-Care Practices of Fresno State MSW Title IV-E Students

PowerPoint - Vanessa Cregar

Paper - Vanessa Cregar

Ana Pano

The Level of awareness of Madera County Child Welfare Workers on Commercially Sexually Exploited Children. 

Executive Summary(Revised) - Ana Pano

Pa Xiong

Resiliency Among Hmong Women Who Were Teen Mothers

Executive Summary

PowerPoint - Pa Xiong

Nadine Mejia

Army National Guard Female Veterans' Experiences While Deployed

Executive Summary Nadine Mejia

PowerPoint Nadine Mejia

Jeremy Lee Brownstein

An Exploratory Study of Horticultural Therapeutic Community Center Gardens in Fresno County

Executive Summary Jeremy Lee Brownstein

PowerPoint Jeremy Lee Brownstein

Laura Flores Rios

Is There a Possible Relationship between a Child’s Environment and Child Maltreatment Allegations in Public Child Welfare? 

Executive Summary - Laura Flores Rios

PowerPoint - Laura Flores Rios

Amy Hatcher  (Leffingwell), MSW

A study of Military Discharge policy and its impact on veteran's ability to access disability and health care benefits

Executive Summary Amy Hatcher

PowerPoint Amy Hatcher

Jerica Ramos, MSW

An Examination of Decision- Making Processes and Pathways to Referral Outcomes in Calaveras, Kings and Madera Counties.

Executive Summary(Jerica)

PowerPoint - Download

Maria Bravo, MSW

Executive Summary(Maria)

Ksenija Norris 
California State University, Fresno

Shame: Its impacts on the relationship between mothers with substance abuse disorders and child welfare social workers

Executive Summary - Ksenija Norris

PowerPoint - Ksenija Norris

Joanna Zamora 
California State University, Fresno

An Exploratory Study on Social Workers' Attitudes and Practices with Gay and Lesbian Clients

Executive Summary - Joanna Zamora

PowerPoint - Joanna Zamora

Hannah  C. Violette 
Central California Area Social Services Consortium

Child Welfare Clients’ Perception of the Therapeutic Alliance: Its  Existence and Importance

Executive Summary - Hannah Violette

PowerPoint - Hannah Violette

Mor Change
California State University, Fresno

Study of the Effectivnes of the South East Asian Cultural Healing (SEACH) Model

Executive Summary


Jacqueline Gonzales, MSW 
California State University, Bakersfield

“Girls Against Meth: A Prevention Curriculum”

Amber Ann Marinez, MSW 
California State University, Fresno

“A Qualitative Examination of Co-occurring Disorders: Methamphetamine and Mental Illness”

Theda Parker, MSW 
California State University, Fresno

“Compassion Fatigue in Foster Parents”