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Advising and Career Development Center

Pre-Health (First Time Freshman)

The College of Health and Human Services Pre-Health Program provides support to First Time Freshman students exploring careers in health and human services professions with academic advising and career exploration.  The Pre-Health Program allows students interested in Nursing, Kinesiology-Exercise Science, Health Science-Community Health, Social Work, and Comunicative Sciences- Speech Language Pathology to explore these majors and career pathways. The Pre-Health Program, a three-semester program is for first time freshmen and will blend in all lower division general education. Students in the Pre-Health Program will enroll in HHS 18A: Career Pathways in Health and Human Services in their first semester and HHS 18B: Career Exploration in Health and Human Services in their second semester to assist in the exploration process. During the second semester, an academic counselor will work with students to identify a major appropriate to their career path based on their career exploration.  For more information, please contact Undergraduate Student Recruitment at 559-278-2048 or

Frequently Asked Questions 

It is a preparatory and exploration program with a list of courses that must be taken for any student interested in applying to the majors of: Nursing, Kinesiology-Exercise Science, Public HealthCommunity Health, Social Work, Communicative Sciences-SLP, and Audiology.

Many students start college with a set major that they would like to pursue yet change their minds after the initial start of college. This exploration process is usually very informal and can take many forms. The Pre-Health major has been designed to help give structure to this exploration process for incoming freshman students. 

It is a three semester program with an application process during your third semester

You cannot graduate in the Pre-Health program as it is a preparatory program and not a degree

Yes all courses taken in the Pre-Health program count towards graduation requirements 


Yes these programs still exist but you must complete the pre requisite courses in Pre-Health and then apply to these separate programs. 

You will apply to your program of choice during your third semester in the program Pre-Health 


You can apply to two majors, your first and second choices.  If you are not accepted to either of your choices, you will need to apply to a different major either within the College of Health and Human Services (but outside the four majors Pre Health leads to), or any major at Fresno State.  All the units you earn in the Pre Health program apply to your graduation in areas of General Education and/or your new major (pending on which major you change to).

 Pre-Health Requirements 

Semester 1 Prerequisite Course List

Prerequisite Courses

GE Requirement


Oral Communication (COMM 3, 7, or 8) A1 3
Written Communication (ENGL 5A or 10) A2 3
Critical Thinking (Any Course) A3 3
Quantitative Reasoning (Any Course) B4 3
Arts (Any Course) C1 3
HHS 18A   1
Total Units     16


Semester 2 Prerequisite Course List

Prerequisite Courses

GE Requirement


Written Communication (Engl 5B) A2 3
Chem 1A or 3A or Any Course (All other Pathways) B1&B3 4-5
Psych 10(NURS/KINES) or Any Course (All other Pathways) D2 3
Phil 20(NURS), or Any Course*** C2 3
Hist 11/12 or Any Area F Course D1/F 3
HHS 18B   2
Total Units    15-16


Semester 3 Prerequisite Course List

Prerequisite Courses

GE Requirement


Biol 1A(KINES) or 10(PH) or 20(NURS) or Any Course (All Other Pathways)  B2 3-4
PH 90(PH), Kines 32+KAC(KINES), Nutr 53(NURS) or Any Course (All Other Pathways)  E1 3
Hist 11/12 or Any Area F Course D1/F 3
Phil 20(NURS), or Any Course*** C2 3
Arts/Humanities(Any Course) C1/C2 3
Total   16


 All Major Classes in Accepted Major

Program Application Process 

The Application process for the four majors that are part of the Pre-Health program will be as follows:  

  1. Students are identified in the beginning of semester three and sent an application link to apply to programs of their choice
  2. Students will apply to the top two majors of their choice in October of the third semester 
  3. Students will be sent an acceptance/denial letter before the registration date for the spring semester
  4. Students will accept/decline the offered major before the registration date
  5. Students will be changed into accepted major by department before the registration date
  6. Students will register for semester four classes that are set by the specific Major that they were accepted into