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Claims Integrity Unit


A Central California Area Social Services Consortium


Children who are at imminent risk of entering the child welfare system will receive necessary and available pre-placement prevention intervention activities, supported by revenue management, to assure that appropriate funding streams are effectively utilized to safely maintain children in their own homes and ensure permanency and positive outcomes for the children and families served.


The Claims Integrity Unit(CIU), in a collaborative relationship with members of the Central California Area Social Services Consortium, will assist partnering counties in assuring appropriate utilization of available funding under Title IV-B, Title IV-E, and Title IXX of the Social Security Act. The CIU specializes in providing programmatic and fiscal training and ongoing monitoring through case documentation, quality review, claims auditing, and periodic outcomes evaluation.


  • Title IV-B, Title IV-E, and Title IXX training: funding, eligibility, claiming.
  • Assistance with development of:
    • Pre-placement prevention interventions consistent with the Vision and Mission;
    • Reasonable Candidacy protocols and documentation;
    • State and Federally approved claiming procedures
  • Reviewing pre-placement prevention case files for fiscal and program compliance
  • Quarterly fiscal and pre-claim documentation process review
  • Objective evaluation to measure the outcomes of selected county projects and Claims Integrity Unit effectiveness
  • Qualitative and quantitative information to support advocacy, policy and regulatory change;
  • Improved utilization of Title IV-B, Title IV-E Pre-Placement Prevention, and Title IXX funding.