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College of Health and Human Services


Faculty Research 

The College of Health and Human Services held its annual research showcase Nov. 9, 2023, to celebrate outstanding faculty research and scholarly activity. The fall 2023 research award recipients included:

Dr. Nicole Smith (Department of Kinesology)
Community Service-based Research Award

Dr. Smith's research focused on health behaviors, specifically masking and distancing, during a global pandemic. The name of the project was SOMAD (Systematic Observation of Mask Adherence).Dr. Smith played a large role and has already published one peer-reviewed paper on this topic.

Dr. Nupur Hajela (Department of Physical Therapy)
Leadership in Interprofessional Research Award

Dr. Hajela research project named  "PATIENCE" (Physical and Psychological Wellness related Access to Telehealth through Interprofessional Education based Community Clinic for Central Valley) involved faculty and students from multiple departments within CHHS and Kremen School of Education and Human Development. This research received national and international Recognition for its work and outcomes. 

Dr. Reuben Addo (Department of Social Work Education)
Innovation in Research Mentorship Award

Dr. Addo has demonstrated a strong commitment to scholarship with five published articles as first author. Dr. Addo shows a strong commitment to mentoring junior faculty and students here at Fresno State.

Nicole Smith, Nupur Hajela and Reuben Addo

Pictured: Smith, Hajela and Addo. Learn more about their research and others below. 

Faculty Abstracts 2022-23

Our faculty are recognized for their excellence in teaching, scholarship, community service and professional excellence. They are among national and international scholars who contribute in a variety of scientific and professional fields, including innovative research in the field. 

View the listing below to learn about our faculty's latest research projects. To view each individual abstract, visit the link

Abstract Title  Authors 
A Case Study on Teaching Community Advocacy: Reflections on Students’ Experiences Reuben Addo, Ph.D.; Pa Nhia Xiong, Ed.D.
Attracting and Inspiring the Next Generation of Environmental Public
Health Scientists: High School and Higher Education Outreach Program
Susan Mirlohi, Ph.D.
Burnout Among Master of Public Health Students Miguel Perez, Ph.D. 
Drumming as an Afrocentric Wellness Intervention Travis Cronin, Ph.D. 
Effects of SKY Breath Meditation on the well-being of survivors of head-and-neck cancer and caregiver dyad, mixed-methods case study Ting-fen Lin, Ph.D. 

The Efficacy of Standing Desks in Enhancing Cardiometabolic Health: A Pilot Randomized Crossover Study

Caio Sarmento, Ph.D.; Jenna Sawdon-Bea, Ph.D. 
Evaluating the Impact of Service-Learning on Student Learning Jody Hironaka-Juteau, Ed.D.

Feasibility Study to Establish an Independent Nurse Practitioner Telehealth Clinic on CSU Fresno Campus

Eileen Jimenez, Ph.D.; Lynn Jakobs, Ph.D. 

The Relationship Between Psychosocial Factors and Student Success in Athletic Training Students

Brittany Clason, Ed.D.; Scott Sailor, Ed.D. 

The Role of Cortical Reactivity and Executive Functions in Developmental Stuttering

Hatun Zengin-Bolatkale, Ph.D. 
Self-Selected Gait Velocity Performance During Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Admission Jennifer Roos, DPT; Caio Sarmento, Ph.D. 

Social, Environmental, and Health Factors Affecting Infant Mortality Rates in Kern County, California

Helda Pinzon-Perez, Ph.D. 

Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Roadside Transportation Air Quality

Jaymin Kwon, Ph.D. 

The Beat Goes On

Nicole Smith, Ph.D. 

Tibialis Anterior Corticospinal Excitability Comparison Between ACL injury and Chronic Ankle Instability During Single-Limb Stand

Na-hyeon (Hannah) Ko, Ph.D.; Caio Sarmento, Ph.D. 

View and Download Research Projects

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Our faculty are made up of talented individuals who share a passion for the work and research in their respective fields. Many of them have published research, articles, citations and documents available to view online, through the Librarybibliography collection. View publications for the College of Health and Human Services here.


To learn more about research opportunities in the CHHS, contact:

Nupur Hajela, Ph.D. 

Marcus Crawford, Ph.D.