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Department of Kinesiology

Program Mission

The Athletic Training Program at California State University, Fresno will provide a student-centered learning environment where students flourish academically and clinically. We will produce culturally competent, evidence-based Athletic Trainers who are prepared to enter a variety of clinical settings. Our alumni will be leaders in the profession who advocate for Athletic Training in their communities throughout their careers.

MSAT Program Values

  • Communication
  • Courtsey & Respect
  • Diversity
  • Integrity & Accountability
  • Professionalism

Goals & Outcomes

Outcome A1: Students will retain knowledge from first year of MSAT education

Outcome A2: The program will retain students to matriculate through the program.

Outcome A3: The program will matriculate students through graduation.

Outcome B1: Students will demonstrate competence on skills through practical examinations.

Outcome B2: Students will demonstrate foundational knowledge through performance on written examinations.

Outcome B3: Instructors utilize course delivery and assessment methods that facilitate learning and student success.

Outcome B4: Faculty will maintain contemporary expertise.

Outcome C1: The program will provide clinical opportunities through high-quality preceptors.

Outcome C2: Students will demonstrate proficiency in clinical skills.

Outcome C3: Students will demonstrate a variety of hands-on learning experiences and make progress towards autonomous clinical practice.

Outcome C4: Clinical sites will demonstrate compliance with facility standards.

Outcome D1: The MSAT program will provide a well-rounded and comprehensive athletic training educational experience.

Outcome D2: Students will be prepared to pass the BOC.

Outcome D3: Students will be prepared and able to gain employment as certified athletic trainers.

Continuous Improvement Process

Continuous Improvement Process for MSAT