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Department of Kinesiology

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Explore the Minor in Sports Coaching

The Minor in Sports Coaching is designed for students who are passionate about teaching and leading others how to develop as athletes and people through sport. This program specializes in preparing students for entry-level positions in sport coaching in the sport of their choice. 

The Minor in Sports Coaching provides students with an opportunity to develop competency across three fundamental types of coaching knowledge, as described in the Quality Coaching Framework published by the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee.

1. Professional knowledge – Know your sport and how to teach it

  • Athlete development and learning needs; sport culture, tradition, rules and history, skills, tactics, training and safety requirements of the sport

2. Interpersonal knowledge – Know how to relate to and lead others

  • Work effectively with athletes and others such as officials, administrators, and parents; monitor and control own emotions and demonstrate leadership skills

3. Intrapersonal knowledge – Know yourself and how to sustain improvement

  • Clear sense of purpose and core values, maintain perspective and balance; know coaching strengths and areas for improvement, reflection and ongoing learning

Career Options 

  • Athletic Director or Sport Administrator 
  • Head, assistant, position or integrated support staff coach at any level:
    • Professional sport
    • Olympic or National Team sport 
    • College sport
    • High School sport
    • Youth or Club sport 

Learn about our curriculum

Students must complete 18 units of coursework within the Minor in Sports Coaching. 

Recommended first course to complete:

Recommended First Course
Course Course Title  Units 
KINES 162 Coaching Concepts 3

Complete all of the following courses in any order: 

Required Courses
Course Course Title  Units
KINES 1 Introductory Principles and Techniques for Fitness Development  3
KINES 33 Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology 3
KINES 45 Introduction to Sport Administration  3
KINES 48 Emergency Management of Athletic Trauma  3

Choose one of the courses below (3 units total): 

Single Course Requirement
Course Course Title  Units
KINES 125 (A-D)  Coaching (Football,  Baseball, Basketball, Track & Field)  3
KINES 172S  Seminar in Coaching and Sport Leadership  3

Independent Study 
(Requires approval from minor coordinator) 


Total # of Required Units = 18 

Note: The Minor in Sport Coaching requires a 2.5 GPA

Practical Coaching Experiences

Throughout the program, students will have opportunities to learn from and network with coaches and administrators across sports and levels of competition. Gaining mentored coaching experience and reflecting on observations of coaches in action is essential for becoming a better coach. That's why our students are required to complete one of the following practical coaching experiences:

  • A sport specific coaching course (KINES 125 course options) taught by an experienced coach 
  • A supervised coaching practicum with a current coach (KINES 190) 
  • A coach observation practicum with a local sport administrator (KINES 172)

Through these types of practical coaching experiences our students have gained invaluable coaching insights and mentorship from renowned coaches across a wide range of sport settings (just to name a few):

  • Fresno Unified School District
  • Clovis Unified School District
  • Madera Unified School District
  • Fresno State Athletics
  • National Collegiate Athletics Association
  • United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee 

Contact Us

If you have questions about this minor, feel free to contact us! 

Wade Gilbert, Ph.D.
Minor Coordinator
South Gym 128