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School of Nursing


DNP Curriculum

  • NURS 574 The Role of Diversity & Social Issues in Healthcare (2 units)
    Analysis of social and cultural factors affecting health among populations defined by age, education, gender, ethnicity, culture, religion, occupation, income, mental or physical disability, and language. Explores project topic as it relates to diversity of any kind, and related social issues.

  • NURS 575 Application of Theories in Advanced Nursing Practice (2 units)
    Application of theories of nursing, ethics, and teaching-learning to advanced nursing practice and healthcare leadership. Explores project topic in relation to leadership theories used in healthcare and determines theoretical framework for project.

  • NURS 576 Application of Biostatistics to Populations (3 units)
    Examination of methods to generate and analyze biostatistical data to design, implement, and evaluate programs and policies for the healthcare of populations. Determines appropriate bio-statistical methods for proposed topic and methodology for project.

  • NURS 583 Leadership & Professional Responsibility in Complex Healthcare (2 units)
    Analysis of nursing leadership and evidence-based management theories necessary for the leadership of complex healthcare systems. Application of concepts of leadership, management, planning, and evaluation of population-based efforts to provide quality affordable care. Analysis of professional role and responsibilities. Identifies leadership element of project and background theory.

  • NURS 584 Technology, Informatics, and Data Management in the Transformation of Healthcare (3 units)
    Overview of patient-centered technology and clinical information systems. Application of nursing informatics in healthcare systems. Use of technology in evaluation of clinical outcomes to improve the healthcare system and to evaluatate the effectiveness, quality, and efficiency of healthcare programs. Determines best use of technology and informatics for project data collection and evaluation.

  • NURS 585 Foundations of Evidence-Base Practice (2 units)
    Exploration of issues related to evidence-based practice. Development of skills needed to identify, critically appraise, and utilize best evidence. Synthesizes KEY research related to topic, critically appraise and use best evidence as project development.

  • NURS 295 Practicum contingent on hours required 
    Prerequisites: Admission to DNP program. Integration of clinical practice, theory, and research. Development of clinical expertise in management of health problems in selected populations.

  • NURS 586 Transformation of Health Care Systems: Health Policy & Economics (2 units)
    Healthcare policies and economics and the political forces that shape them. Role of the DNP in analysis, formulations, and implementation of healthcare policies. Determines role of project in current HC policy and economic climate, including political forces that affect practice. 

  • NURS 587 Principles of Epidemiology (3 units)
    Principles and concepts of epidemiology. Distribution and determinants of disease risk in populations across the lifespan. Approach to disease and intervention, identification of cause and disease, response to disease outbreak, disease surveillance, evaluation of screening and prevention, and ethical issues. Uses macro-epidemiologic principles to contextualize project topic.

  • NURS 595 Translating Evidence into Reflective Practice I (2 units)
    Integration of clinical practice, theory, and research. Development of clinical expertise in management of health problems in selected populations. Identification and development of a project proposal for implementation. Formal defense of proposal and IRB approval. Synthesis of prior study, integration into project proposal.

  • NURS 295 Practicum contingent on hours required 
    See above

  • NURS 591 Curriculum Development (3 units)
    Exploration of philosophical foundations of curriculum, curriculum design, and the development of curriculum frameworks, outcomes, and competencies. Analysis of determinants of learning and the developmental stages of the learning process. Theoretical foundations of teaching-learning emphasizing critical thinking and active learning. Determine any curriculum support for project goals.
  • NURS 593 Financial Aspects of Projects and Practice (2 units)
    Principles of healthcare economics, third-party reimbursement, costing, budgets and budgeting, variance, economic evaluation methods, and writing a business plan to defend or market a healthcare program. Management of a successful project or practice, emphasizing fiscal planning and control. Further operationalizes project proposal with specific attention to business plan and exploration of economic outcomes of project.
  • NURS 596 Translating Evidence into Reflective Practice II (2 units)
    Integration of clinical practice, theory, and research. Development of clinical expertise in management of health problems in selected populations. Implementation of project proposal. One hour clinical conference per week. Implements project proposal.

  • NURS 295 Practicum contingent on hours required
    See above

  • NURS 592 Evaluation in Nursing Education (3 units)
    Focus on assessment, measurement, and evaluation of learning and program outcomes in nursing. Exploration of theories of educational measurement and evaluation and of measures to evaluate teaching effectiveness, student learning, student outcomes, and student clinical performance. Determine appropriateness of evaluation methods related to project-for future purposes.

  • NURS 594 Application of Evidence-Based Teaching in Nursing (2 units) (Elective)
    Guided experience with a master teacher in nursing. Experiential classroom, clinical, and simulation teaching. Implementation of a teaching unit using principles of evidenced-based teaching.

  • NURS 597 Doctoral Project (2 units)
    Dissemination of results through an oral defense and manuscript submission to a peer-reviewed journal. Evaluates project proposal and disseminates results.

  • NURS 295 Practicum contingent on hours required 
    See above

Total Units = 37 units 

There are an additional 2 units for taking the elective course NURS 594