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College of Health and Human Services

View research our faculty presented at the 2019 Faculty Research Showcase

Clason, Brittany; Moore, Stephanie 

Implementation of Mobile Technology in an Athletic Training Program 

Delich, Nancy; Roberts, Stephen 

Connecting Adults with Hearing Loss and Their Communication Partners: Isolation to Communication

Dunn, Kerry; Cronin, Travis 

BSW and MSW Learning Outcomes from an Engaged Research Curriculum 

Gilbert, Jenelle; Alvarez, Alia 

The Mental Toughness UNIFORM for High School Varsity Water Polo: The Curriculum

Gilbert, Jenelle; Moore, Stephanie 

The Mental Toughness UNIFORM for High School Varsity Water Polo: The Study 

Gilbert, Marie; Roberts, Stephen; Pomaville, Fran; Singh, Bhupinder; Kwon, Jaymin; Moore, Stephanie; Gilbert, Jenelle; Dunn, Kerry; Taylor, Brandon; Rindahl, Kathleen; Nisbett, Nancy 

Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Within the Community: A Needs Assessment

Gilbert, Wade 

Coaching and Supporting Coaches in the Olympic Games: Post-Olympic Reflections 

Hajela, Nupur 

Walking While Wearing a Google Glass - What Have We Learnt? A Pilot Study 

Kwon, Jaymin 

Characterization of Air Pollution in Parks and Recreation Areas 

Megally, Hayam; Bengiaman, Marlene; Silva, Yesenia; Doherty, Rachel 

Pragmatic Framework for Addressing Oral Health Disparities in the Central Valley, California 

Moore, Stephanie; Clason, Brittany 

Student Perception of Mobile Technology Use in Athletic Training Program Curriculum 

Nair, Nisha; Sanders, Janice; Gilbert, Marie 

Mind Map: Advocacy in Collaborative Partnerships to Increase Mental Health Workforce 

Pinzon-Perez, Helda; Khang, Leepao; Rugama, Arnold; Joshi, Shriya 

A Study on the Effectiveness of a Phone App to Improve Compliance with CPAP Use Among Sleep Apnea Patients 

Roberts, Stephen; Delich, Nancy 

Application of Self-Efficacy Training in Group Audiologic Rehabilitation: An Interprofessional Collaborative Model 

Roos, Jennifer; Singh, Bhupinder; Fuller, Cynthia; DeRousseau, Karissa; Munoz, Kurt; Terrill, Joseph 

Ground-Reaction Forces and Spatiotemporal Parameters During Self-Selected Gait Speed in Adults with Lower Limb Amputation

Sawdon-Bea, Jenna 

Effects of FIFA 11+ Warm Up Injuries and Dynamic Strength in Adolescent Female Basketball Athletes 

Singh, Bhupinder; Hammons, Amber; Nino, Melanie 

Effects of Adiposity and Strength on Gait in Obese Children 

Smith, Nicole

Heart Zones Research Program: Determining the Ideal Configuration  

Smith-Warshaw, Janice; Crume, Peter 

Utilizing Hispanic Interpreting Students in Service-Learning Opportunities in the Hispanic Community 

Vungkhanching, Martha; Tonsing, Kareen 

Assessing Psychological Distress and Perceived Social Support Among Burmese Refugees Resettled in the U.S. 

Wanis, Rosemary

Deaf-Hearing Interpreting Teams in the K-12 Setting 

Whiting, Jason 

Hispanic/Latino Visitation Constraints to China Peak Mountain Resort

State Park Visitation and Recreation Constraints Among Ethnically Diverse Populations in Georgia 

Full Listings of Past Projects

Adame, Jennifer; Trueblood, Peggy; Hughes, Brenna; Fernandez-Mendoza, Yalda; & Oifah, Nicholas

Baseline Concussion Testing in High Performance Athletes

Anderson, Tim; Anderson, Andrew; Morales, Jacobo; & Coles, Michael 

The Influence of Hip and Knee Angle and Body Position on Power Which Can be Achieived During Cycle Ergometry 

Coles, Michael; Germond, Oliver; Koch, Haylee; Michael, Taramah; Angouw, Karina; Baird, Ryan; & Diaz, Andrea 

Fitness Profiles of Community College Women Competitive Soccer Athletes 

Dunn, Kerry; Cronin, Travis; Sanchez, Elizabeth; Lemus, Crystal; Antes, Kayla; & McCain, Denali 

Understanding Our Community: Toward a Responsive Social Work Curriculum 

Garcia, Betty & Dessel, Adrienne 

A Dialogue Approach to Diversity and Oppression

Garcia, Tanisha

Associations Between Leadership Style and Employee Resistance to Change in a Healthcare Setting 

Gilbert, Jenelle; Robbins, Jamie; Gilbert, Wade; & Ruser, Jeffrey 

Female Coaches and a Winning Team Culture in NCAA Division I Field Hockey: Perspectives of Current and Former Athletes

Gilbert, Marie; Prion, Susan; & Haerling, Katie 

Assessing the Reliability of Data from the Team Behavior Assessment Tool for Entry-Level Nurses (TBAT-ELN) and the Congruence Between a Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment Scale 

Gilbert, Wade; & Munoz, Tyler

Induction Program for Newly Hired Coaches in Fresno Unified School District 

Hajela, Nupur; Trueblood, Peggy; Tyner, Toni; & Flynn, Sheryl 

To Investigate the Feasibility of Video Game Based Application to Assess Fall Risk and Balance in Older People

Hickey, Cheryl; Baxter, C.; & Walker, K.

A Comparison of Core Versus Extremity Strengthening Interventions in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Johnson, Serena

Finding My Place: Reflection and Reflexivity in Research with Deaf Participants 

Khang, Leepao; & Burgess, Keith

Knowledge of Hepatitus B Among Hmong College Students 

Lankford, Sam 

A Comparison of 1990 and 2017 Attitudes Toward Tourism Development in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area 

Mahoney, Michael

Accessibility and Patron Experience at Select Las Vegas Venues

Mahoney, Michael

Configurable Entertainment Venues: How is the Music Festival Sector Meeting Global Needs for Universal Design and Accessibility 

Pinzon-Perez, Helda 

Health Needs of Oaxacan Indigenous Communities in the San Joaquin Valley 

Pryor, Luke 

Blood Biomarker Monitoring in United States National Team Rowers: A Novel Approach to Optimizing Performance Adaptations and Injury Prevention

Pryor, Riana 

Hydration Practices of the Fresno State Grounds Crew 

Rahman, Mohammad; & Capitman, John 

Estimating Cost-Effectiveness of an Enhanced Service Model of Preterm Birth Initiative in Fresno County 

Rivera, Monica 

Mobility Matters! Manual Cart Propulsion Facilitates Spatial Cognition in Infants with Spina Bifida 

Roberts, Stephen; Limon, Jolie; & Lindsey, Patricia 

Assessing Student and Healthcare Professional Interprofessional Education Learning Using the Interprofessional Education Collaboration (IPEC) Study 

Roos, Jennifer; Fuller, Cindy; Terrill, Joe; & Singh, Bhupinder 

Gait Analysis of Adults with Lower Limb Amputations 

Singh, Bhupinder; Marchese, Pamela; Artsdalen, Ashley; Camilleri, Derek

Effect of Fitness and Obesity on Functional Activities 

Smith, Nicole; Hammons, Amber; Aholu, Calixte; & Aoki, Jenna

Assessing the Concussion Testing in Middle and High School Athletes 

Trueblood, Peggy & Adame-Walker, Jennifer

Baseline Concussion Testing in Middle and High School Athletes 

Vungkhanching, Martha 

Post-Migration Living Difficulties as a Signifcant Risk Factor of Psychological Distress in Burmese Refugees in the U.S. 

Walker, Deborah; Lee, Spencer; & Hickey, Cheryl 

The Effects of Eccentric Exercise vs. Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy in the Patellar Tendinopathy Athlete Population: A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review 

Whiting, Jason 

Outdoor Winter Recreation Participation Across Diverse Racial/Ethnic Groups in the Central Valley

Barrera, I. 

Pathways to Treatment: Mental Health Providers' Experiences with Latina/o Clients' Care Seeking

Clarke, K. & Yellowbird, M. 

Integrative Social Work: New Pathways to Holistic Healing

 Coles, M., Michael, T. & Zwaschka, B.

Oxygen Cost and Heart Rate Response of Manipulating a Foam Cube Using Soccer-Style Movements in Comparison to Treadmill Exercise

Crume, P. & Berrett, B.

How Educational Context Impacts the Support of Educational Interpreters

Delich, N. & Roberts, S.D.

Exploration of Hearing-Loss Specific Quality of Life For Adults with Hearing Loss and Their Communication Partners

Delich, N. & Roberts, S.D.

Role of Communication Self-Efficacy Training on The Hearing Loss-Specific Quality of Life For Both Persons with Hearing Loss and Their Communication Partners

Gilbert, J., Robbins, J., Gilbert, W. & Ruser, J.

It's About More Than the Ws: The Creation and Experience of a Championship Team Culture in NCAA Division l Field Hockey

Gilbert, W.

Influence of Coaches and Settings on Athlete Performance and Talent Development

Kwon, J., Capitman, J. & Zografos, K.

Transit Exposure During Pregnancy: Simulated Exposure Measurement During Different Mode of Transit in Fresno; Walking, Driving and Riding Metro Buses. Part of the CHAPS-SJV (Children's Health to Air Pollution-SJV) Study

Lama, G.

American DREAM (Developing Research and Resources to Raise Economically-poor Americans into Middleclass)

Lama, G.

Stealing From the Poor: A Challenge to Eradicating Poverty

Lankford, S.

Tourism Impacts in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area: A Resident Perspective

Mahoney, M.

Sports & Entertainment Venue Access: Americans with Disabilities Access Guidelines (USA) Audit

Mahoney, M.

Sports and Entertainment Venues: Comparative Analysis of Canadian and American Standards for Accessibility

Maul, C. & Ortiz, J.

"It's Our Normal:" A Follow-up Study on Adaptations Families Make for Older Children with Developmental Disabilities

McMillen, J.

Career Development Finding Your Dream Job

Pinzon-Perez, H.

Grant Proposal for Zika and West Nile Prevention in Fresno

Pryor, L.

Concurrent Validity of Consumer-based photoplethysmography heart rate devices

Pryor, L.

The Effects of Hydration on Repeated Box Lifting Techniques in Hyperthermic , Dehydrated, and Fatigued Athletes

Rahman, M.

Internet Use and Its Impact on College Students: Findings from a Survey at Fresno State

Roberts, S., Limon, J. & Lindsey, P.

Assessing Students and Healthcare Professional Interprofessional Education Learning Using the Interprofessional Education Collaboration (IPEC) Survey

Roberts, S., Limon, J., Lindsey, P., Vermeltfoort, D., Hironaka-Juteau, J., Lowe, M. & Hayden-Pugh, B.

Development of a Content Valid Interview Questionnaire For Hard of Hearing Adults and Their Communication Partners

Roberts, S., Delic, N. & Danisi, C.

Valley's Children Healthcare and California State University, Fresno, Fresno's College of Health and Human Service Partnership: Interprofessional Education Collaborative

Roos, J., Ward, N & Singh, B.

Muscle Activity and Group Reaction Forces in Unilateral Transtibial Amputees

Singh, B. & Camilleri, D.

Biomechanical Analysis of Lower Extremity During Common Rehabilitation Exercises

Singh, B.

Changes in Gait Over 30 Minute Walking Session in Obese Females

Taylor, B.

The Impact of Municipal Recreation Services Quality on Youth Activity Levels

Thatcher, G. & Khang, L.

Youth Boardgaming League: A New Program for Student Life and Success

Vungkhanching, M., Gonzalez, J. & Zermeno

Effects of Peer Mentor in Pediatric Inpatient Rehabilitation: From Hospitalization to Community Reintergration

Vungkhanching, M.

Psychological Distress, Perceived Social Support and Coping Strategies Among College Students

Walker, D. & Hickey, C.

Project Title: Bone Densitometry as an Indicator of the Effect of Strengthening Exercise On Geriatric Muscle and Bone Health

Whiting, J.

Creating Outdoor Recreation Opportunities for Fresno State Students

Whiting, J.

Outdoor Recreation Motivation and Site Preferences Across Diverse Racial/ethnic Groups: A Case Study in Georgia State Parks


Barrera, I.

Pathways to Treatment: Mental Health Providers' Experiences with Latina/o Clients' Care Seeking

Coles, M. & Zwaschka, B.

Comparing the Biomechanical and Metabolic Demands of Manipulating a Foam Cube and Soccer Ball Using Soccer-Style Movements

Dutra, D.

Integration of Complementary and Alternative Medicine into Nursing Curricula

Fine, L.

Collaborative Leadership Training in the Health and Human Service Profession

Garcia, B.

Intergroup Dialogue Undergraduate Curriculum Development

Gilbert, J., Fine, L. & Maul, C.

Collaborative Leadership and Action Learning in CHHS Honors Students

Gilbert, W. & Barton, D.

A Systems Approach to Building Programs of Excellence in Interscholastic Sport

Hickey, C., Walker, D., & Williams, C.

Cerebellar Stimulation and its Effect on Attention in Children with ADHD

Lama, G.

American DR3AM: Developing Research and Resources to Raise Economically-poor Americans into the Middleclass

Lankford, S., Fine, L., Nisbett, N., Taylor, B., Mahoney, M., & Rickman, A.

Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes & SPARCI Program

Lankford, S.

Research Methods in Recreation and Parks

Maul, C. & Scott, B.

Using Behavior Momentum to Teach Non-Echolalic Responses to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Moore-Reed, S., Seekins, K., Kibler, W., & Uhl, T.

Conservative Treatment for Patients with Suspected SLAP Tears: A Case Series

Moore-Reed, S., Schulz, M., Hanson, E., & Sailor, S.

Implementation of an Orthopaedic Outcomes Registry in Collaboration with Sierra Pacific Orthopaedic & Spine Center (SPOC)

Pomaville, F., Ullucci, P. & Olsen, M.

Vocal Function Measures Before and After Hydration

Pryor, L.

Physiological Changes Induced by Heat Acclimation

Pryor, L., Pryor, R., & Singh, B.

The Effect of Cold Water Immersion and Hydration on Movement Technique in Hyperthermic, Dehydrated and Fatigued Athletes

Rahman, M. & Launer, T.

Social Media Related Internet Use and Academic Performance: Evidence from Fresno State

Rivera, M.

Infant Spatial Cognition and Floor Mobility: Influences of Onset Age and Crawling Mode

Roos, J., Trueblood, P., Hickey, C., Zarrinkhameh, L., Attygale, S., Carranza, M. & Vo, H.

Fresno State Department of Physical Therapy Develops a Peer Mentoring Model in an Entry-Level DPT Program

Sayaseng, K.

Infant (Newborn to 6 Months of Age) Feeding Practices of Low-Income Minority Women

Singh, B. & Negatu, M.

Gait In Obese Children

Thao, C., Perez, M. & Boyle, E.

A Descriptive Study of Hmong College Students' Contraceptive Attitudes

Thatcher, G. & Miltiades, H.

Individuals with Alzheimers' Learn to Play a Tile Placement Game

Trueblood, P.

Teaching Student to Work as an Interdisciplinary Team

Ullucci, P.

Measuring Competence, Anxiety and Confidence in First Year DPT Students During an Integrated Clinical Experience

Vungkhanching, M., Zermeno, J. & Gonzalez, J.

Treating Crime Victims in a Pediatric Hospital: A Policy Review for Safety Concerns

Walker, D.

Outdoor Recreation Motivations and Site Preferences

Zografos, K., Capitman, J., Kwon, J., Alcala, A., Thatcher, G., & Martinez, J.

Impact of Integrating Undergraduate Research Experiences into Public Health Curricula