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Central California Training Academy

Psychotropic Medication

This training module contains three sections, each requiring approximately 30 minutes to complete. The first section is an overview of psychotropic medications, what they are and why they are used, as well as some information about potential side effects. The second section will cover the basics of trauma-informed care and how it relates to medication in foster care settings. It will also give a brief description of treatment planning and the use of Child and Family Teams. In the third and final section, we will explore the Juvenile Court process for authorization of psychotropic medication, and the forms used in that process.


These materials are available for you to download or print at your own convenience. They will NOT be provided during classroom training.

Segment 2: Laws and Regulations

Segment 3: Court Forms

Segment 4: Trauma

Segment 5: Accessing Services

Segment 6: Psychotropic Medication

Segment 7: Using the California Guidelines