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Central California Training Academy

Implementation Tools and Resources

The implementation of CPM as an overarching framework for practice and system improvement is an ongoing effort. CPM provides the foundational framework for all current practice and system improvement strategies and tends to the organizational conditions that must be nurtured in order for that foundational practice to grow and thrive. CPM implementation occurs when social workers and supervisors are intentionally demonstrating the array of practice behaviors and leaders are paying attention to the organization's ability to create the right conditions for that practice to thrive. Examples of those systemic factors include: culture, climate, messaging alignment, establishing of feedback cycles, effective coaching, training, support for front-line staff, and many more. There are four key implementation domains that help child welfare organizations enhance system capacity to host the CPM practice. These are: Building Organizational Readiness, Workforce Development, Engaging Partners and Building Relationships, and Quality Outcomes and System Improvement.

The CPM Implementation Toolbox consists of 4 toolkits (each related to one of the four specific domain areas) developed and tested by four capacity building workgroups through the Directors' Institute. The toolkits are designed to provide implementation resources and tools for use by California Child Welfare Directors and their implementation teams to help install or advance CPM in their locations.

The Central Regional IST has also tailored some resources and tools to support CPM implementation in the Central Region. Here is a listing of tools that we hope you find helpful! We are available to support your use of any of these tools, or develop new ones based on your needs. We are also available to support your utilization of the Leadership Behavior fidelity assessment tool, designed to support implementation in your county.

  1. This tool describes a phased approach that guides agencies as they address systemic and structural racism.
  2. CPM/CFT Crosswalk: A map of the CANS-informed CFT process within the CPM practice elements.
  3. CPM PowerPoints: Sample CPM PowerPoints developed for counties and training classrooms.
  4. ICPM/CPM Graphic and Messages: A graphic that illustrates the relationship between the CPM and the ICPM as well as key messages that explain the interface between both models.
  5. CPM Graphic: CPM is an intervention at both the family level and system level graphic. This graphic portrays the role of the system to create an effective "organizational host" for the CPM family-level practice.
  6. Activity for teams to practice Leadership Behaviors.
  7. Description of Leadership Behavior Fidelity Process.
  8. Messaging Activity: Activity that supports a child welfare leader's tailored messages about CPM within his or her own local context and program area.
  9. Adaptive Challenge Circle Activity: An activity that utilizes demonstration, role play, and peer coaching to enhance critical thinking across teams.