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Central California Training Academy

Introducing the Central Regional Implementation Support Team

IST Team 

The Central Regional Implementation Support Team is part of a state-wide system of CPM implementation support.  We are linked to the CFPIC faculty team supports the Directors’ Learning Sessions and other key efforts, and our fantastic implementation experts from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Franklin Porter Graham’s Impact Institute.  Our Central Implementation Support Team was designed and initiated in 2017 to ensure that our central counties received tailored and onsite support as they began to implement CPM as a foundation for all practice and system improvement. All IST members have experience supporting implementation efforts in local counties, and have supported all levels of child welfare. Our team includes: Jane Middleton, Darlene Hill, Kate Acosta, Joanne Pritchard, David Plassman, Lucia Weiss, Donna Lutz, Andrea Sobrado, and is supported by UNC’s  Renée I. Boothroyd, PhD, MA, MPH, CHES Advanced Implementation Specialist. For help getting started, contact Andrea Sobrado at


We see CPM as foundational to other contemporary efforts such as the Continuum of Care Reform, Safety Organized Practice, and to counties’ efforts to become trauma informed organizations. In partnership with key county stakeholders, CCTA Implementation Support Team members can provide facilitative coaching and consultation so that counties meet their desired implementation objectives.  We can tailor our coaching and support the four key implementation domains, or we can support a county’s deep dive into any one of them! We know that effective implementation requires clarity and agreement about the explicit, stated intervention and how it fits within the county context and serves the mission of the organization. Any change effort must be defined, clearly understood, realistic, and possible to implement, and we can certainly support counties’ efforts to engage folks in their own specific planning, messaging, and actively involving others in implementation activities. The Focus Areas within this document describe the tangible implementation support that our IST can provide. The IST can also facilitate “one day” planning sessions with county teams to jump start or fine tune larger planning efforts. Those kick start days are described here.