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Central California Training Academy

Implementation Support

Managers and Key Leaders

The IST hopes to build a network of support, learning, and teaming for our Central Regional Managers and Key Leaders as they embrace their unique role with CPM implementation!

The Central Regional Implementation Support Team IST believes that leadership at all levels of the child welfare organization is critical to the success of CPM implementation. We believe leaders are essential to both model the CPM Leadership Behaviors and to cultivate the kind of system needed to nurture CPM practice at the family level. As California's child welfare directors learn and grow in their capacity to host effective CPM implementation, the Central IST aims to provide a similar, parallel, collaborative learning process for the regions child welfare managers. We update and describe our work plan every six months.

Since November 2018, we have facilitated two coastal "summits" for our managers to gather together for a day of exploring implementation science concepts and their application to CPM, sharing successes and challenges utilizing those concepts, and developing a solid peer collaboration to enhance peer support outside of the summits. The picture below was taken at our second summit, June 2019. We have also provided webinars and other resources in between the summits, as a way to continue to tailor tool development and learning to the needs of our region's managers. Below are the links for each of the events' materials!

Manager Summit June 2019