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Department of Kinesiology

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Department of Kinesiology to create, foster and perpetuate an academic environment and community which transcends social and economic disparity, and focuses upon improving the human condition through education, research, and practical applications related to physical activity, fitness, and wellness, and the biological, psychological, philosophical, social, economic and personal benefits intimately associated with physical learning, development and achievement.

Related to this mission, it is the philosophy of the department that positive and formative development of individuals and society, promotion of health, vitality and wellness, and achievement of self-actualization are derived from a foundational understanding of the underlying biological, physical, psychological, sociological and philosophical principles of physical activity, and from the regular practice of physical activities which promote such understanding.

We believe that our students are profoundly influenced by positive working relationships with individual faculty members, who are actively involved in teaching, research, and community outreach. The Department of Kinesiology is therefore committed to continuous improvement of our curriculum and the process by which we educate our students and conduct research, and to expansion of our interactions with the local and global community.

The goals of the department are directly related to the mission. These goals are:

  • Recruit, retain and develop diverse, high-quality, innovative faculty and staff
  • Recruit, retain, enlighten motivate and educate a diverse student body, who will benefit from the educational and experiential opportunities offered by the Department, and who will act as ambassadors for our programs, Department, College and University as they build and develop their professional lives and careers
  • Develop, refine and deliver a comprehensive, current and progressive curriculum, which promotes marketability of our students, and provides them with a foundation for lifelong learning, and career development and advancement
  • Continuously improve the facilities, laboratories, technology, and environment with which we provide instruction, contribute to the discipline, and serve the community
  • Develop expertise and programs which will place the Department in leadership roles, which will attract positive national and international attention, and which will promote the economy and quality of life in the community
  • Conduct and disseminate research which will make positive and meaningful contributions to the discipline and to all those served by the discipline, the Department, College, and University
  • Attract external resources to the Department to enhance the previously stated goals