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Department of Kinesiology

Meet our Faculty

Faculty members in the Department of Kinesiology possess extensive knowledge of their subject matter and are highly qualified in their field. The diversity of faculty backgrounds provides a variety of educational approaches and experiences.

For contact information and a complete bio of each faculty member, click their names below.

Full-Time Faculty

Full-Time Faculty List
Name Title Email
Tim Anderson, Ed.D.  Professor Emeritus
Mark Baldis, Ph.D.  Lecturer
Brittany Clason, Ed.D.  Lecturer
Michael G. Coles, Ph.D.  Professor
Jenelle N. Gilbert, Ph.D., CMPC Professor
Wade D. Gilbert, Ph.D.  Professor
Timothy Hamel, M.S.  Lecturer
Catherine G.R. Jackson, Ph.D.  Professor Emerita
David A. Kinnunen, Ph.D.  Professor
Dawn K. Lewis, Ph.D.  Professor
Justine J. McAlpine, M.A. Lecturer
John D. McMillen, Ph.D., J.D.  Professor
Jacobo Morales, Ph.D.  Professor
Denise Ramirez, Ed.D.  Assistant Professor
Scott R. Sailor, Ed.D., ATC  Professor
Nicole J. Smith, Ph.D.  Associate Professor


Part-Time Faculty

Part-Time Faculty List
Name Title Email
Rosanna Akers Lecturer
Bart Ballard Lecturer
Brigham Beatie Lecturer
William Cho Lecturer
David Demanty Lecturer  
Reese Eberl Lecturer
Nicole Flores Lecturer
Wayne Hurley Lecturer
Vladimir Ostatnigrosh Lecturer
Tami Phillips Lecturer
Patricia Thomason Lecturer