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Department of Kinesiology


A Master's degree from a CAATE-accredited program is required to become a Certified Athletic Trainer.

The application period opens September 1. Application deadlines include:

Nov. 1 - Priority Application Deadline. Only 2 prerequisites may be remaining in progress.
Feb. 1 - Preferred Application Deadline.
April 1 - Final Application Deadline.

The program is four semesters. The first fall semester begins the beginning of July each year. Students complete four semesters over two years to graduate in May. The summer between the first year and the second year is left open so students are available to complete internships, etc. should they choose to do so.

For Fresno State students, we recommend Kinesiology - Exercise Science as an undergraduate degree.  However, as long as you have met all prerequisites, your Bachelor’s degree can be in any field.

Students begin the degree program in the fall semester of each academic year and cannot begin in the spring semester.

While it is extremely difficult, students are allowed to hold part-time jobs provided they do not interfere with meeting the minimum weekly clinical hours. Clinical education and field experiences may take place at any time during the day depending on the practice schedules of the athletic teams that are included as part of the field experience. The Program is very understanding that many students must obtain employment to make ends meet, but students must meet the requirements of the clinical courses.  Realize that many athletic events occur on weekends. Employers need to be accommodating for these types of situations.

Standard graduate tuition and university fees (7+ units), current information can be found here:

MSAT Student Fees are approximately $1,550 across the two year program, including:

  • ATrack lifetime membership fee: $90
  • Clothing: minimum $200, varies depending on what students choose to purchase
  • Equipment: $50
  • Books: approx $1000, varies based on ebook vs. hard copy textbook
  • NATA membership: $105 (annually)
  • Immunizations: varies based on health insurance, most are provided by the Student Health Center at no cost
  • Students are responsible for costs associated with travel to and from their clinical sites