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Department of Kinesiology

Undergraduate Curriculum

Careers in sport and exercise psychology typically require completion of a graduate degree. Therefore, we do not offer an undergraduate program in sport and exercise psychology. However, there are numerous courses offered through the Department of Kinesiology at California State University, Fresno that provide opportunities for gaining knowledge and applied experiences related to sport and exercise psychology. Completion of any of these courses is excellent preparation for advancement to a graduate program.

KINES 33 - Foundations of Sport & Exercise Psychology (3 units)

KINES 35 - Human Structural Functioning in Kinesiology (3 units)

KINES 109 - Motor Learning (3 units)

KINES 110 - Motor Development (3 units)

KINES 118 - Fundamentals of Exercise Physiology (3 units)

KINES 162 - Coaching Concepts (3 units)

Students specifically interested in applying sport and exercise psychology to a career in coaching are encouraged to complete either the Emphasis in Sports Coaching or the Minor in Sports Coaching available through the Department of Kinesiology.