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College of Health and Human Services

2017-2020 Strategic Plan


To provide a professionally oriented education at the undergraduate level and to provide graduate programs in specialized disciplines that serve the needs of students - as well as foster the emerging needs of residents and health and human service providers in the Central California region.

Strategic Priorities 

Priority One 

Align physical and technological infrastructure to maximize the success of academic programs and scholarship


  • Creation of dedicated space for collaboration
  • Modernize and update existing facilities
  • Create centralized place/person for faculty research support 


  • One-stop service and/or referral; physical/virtual 
  • Engagement, networking, and connecting
  • Communication, synergy, collaboration, sharing knowledge 

 Aligns with University Priority three.

Priority Two 

Enrich and enhance collaborations and partnerships via high-impact practices


  • Increase college and community connections through high-impact practices at the inter- and intra- departmental, University, community and national/international levels
  • Increase number of students involved in high-impact programs
  • Increase number/scope of community members engaged in partnerships


  • Synergystic, holistic, unifying
  • Develop and engage community partnerships and collaborations
  • Community sponsored event with all departments involved
  • Faculty across disciplines, departments, University, community
  • Build upon existing opportunities, e.g. faculty mentoring process
  • Support undergraduate and graduate student research opportunities to conduct research with faculty
  • Faculty, staff and student recruitment
  • Support international collaboration to enhance global citizenship 

Aligns with University Priority four. 

Priority Three 

Invest in faculty and staff to support and encourage success


  • Increase number of tenure track faculty
  • Increase percentage of tenure track faculty with nine WTU's or less teaching
  • Strengthen faculty mentoring program
  • Encourage participation in staff and faculty development opportunities
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Increase number of research presentations and publications annually
  • Monetary support for pursuit of scholarly activities
  • Increase number of graduate assistants
  • Increase number of funded grant applications


  • Faculty and staff development
  • Responsibilities balance/integration for research, teaching, civic engagement 
  • Department needs for faculty
  • Streamline processes to facilitate recruitment and hiring
  • Leverage unique strengths of faculty
  • Strategies to retain skilled staff 

Aligns with University Priority two.

Priority Four 

Support student recruitment and facilitate student retention while maintaining high academic standards


  • Improve student retention
  • Facilitate employment
  • Shorten time to degree/degree progress
  • Refresh and redesign evidence-based current and relevant curriculum to enhance full-time academic status
  • Efficient, effective recruitment process


  • Department participation in recruitment initiatives 
  • Students coming in prepared - remedial preparation
  • Students matriculating - holistic needs served
  • Students moving forward prepared for employment
  • Keeping the connection; networked alumni
  • Increase knowledge through high-impact practices
  • Strengthen academic advising within the college
  • Students serve as active participants in democtratic society 

Aligns with University Priority one. 

Download CHHS Strategic Plan Flyer (3.1M) 

As of August 28, 2017 

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