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Central California Training Academy

Goals & Objectives

The goal of the Academy is to offer a continuum of training services that will:

  • Eliminate the duplication of, and offer consistency in, the delivery of training.
  • Assure linkages between the classroom and the field for CWS staff.
  • Support staff retention.
  • Promote the professionalism of current and potential staff in public social services and child welfare agencies within Central California.
  • Provide promising practices in the field of child welfare.

The mission of the Academy is to enhance the ability of staff in public social service and child welfare agencies to protect children and to prevent placement whenever possible. Through the Academy, child welfare workers will have greater access to current and state-of-the-art child welfare practices, thereby leading to more competent workers in the field.

The Academy proposes to achieve its mission by delivering training that orients staff to the social and professional expectations associated with child welfare practice. Training activities are designed to enhance and expand the participant’s knowledge, skills and ability to perform their jobs effectively.  These activities will assist child welfare staff in Central California to work more effectively to strengthen families and enable them to provide safe care for their children in their own homes, cultures, and communities.