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Central California Training Academy

The California Child Welfare Practice Model

CPM LogoThe California Child Welfare Core Practice Model (CPM) is a state-wide effort, led by the counties, to develop and implement a comprehensive framework to support contemporary practice and system improvement in California. The CPM is intended to guide practice, service delivery, and decision-making.The CPM is an intervention on two levels, the family practice level and the system level.  Social work practice at the family level is described by the CPM’s practice behaviors, while the system level work is described through both the leadership behaviors and by paying attention to 4 key implementation domains (building organizational readiness, workforce development, building relationships and engaging partners, and quality outcomes/system improvement), which aim to create an environment conducive to implementation of the CPM in county child welfare agencies. The graphic below describes the dependence of the family level intervention upon the role of leadership in nurturing the kind of environment necessary for growth and sustainment of the family level practice. The CPM and its implementation toolkit is comprehensively described on the CalSWEC site.

 Building Implementation Capacity

The Central Regional CPM Implementation Support Team

Building on counties’ strengths and unique infrastructures, CCTA’s aim was to design and operationalize a regional CPM Implementation Support Team, that can support individual counties specifically, as well as the region, implement the model. We know that this implementation work attends to executive, cross-agency, and day-to-day leadership and management functions necessary for effective implementation of the CA Practice Model and any integrated practice and system improvement. In partnership with key county stakeholders, CCTA Implementation Support Team members can provide facilitative coaching and consultation so that counties meet their desired implementation objectives. Our work supports county-lead implementation at all levels, as described in our roadmap.

CCTA Tribal Engagement