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Central Valley Health Policy Institute

About the Health Policy Institute


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Improve equity in health and healthcare by developing the region's capacity for policy analysis and program development, implementation and evaluation through integrating and leveraging the resources of California State University, Fresno and the institutions and communities of the San Joaquin Valley.

CVHPI Programs/Services

1. Applied Health and Policy Research
2. Organizational and Community Technical Assistance
3. Regional Leadership Program and Training
4. Fellowships and Internships

Research Priority Areas

1. Access to health care, uninsured and underinsured
2. Health and health care inequities
3. Environmental and policy influences on community health
4. Mal-distribution of health care resources and health professional shortages
5. Patient-centered management of chronic conditions including behavioral health and long-term care linkages to primary care
6. Immigrant well-being and health: immigrant economic/social adjustment, public health and health care policies