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Central Valley Health Policy Institute

Capacity Building


Fresno DRIVE 


DRIVE PE Survey Quantitative Report

DRIVE PE HUB Qualitative Analysis Report                                                                          

Highlights and Features

The Fresno DRIVE Civic Infrastructure Initiative aims to create a powerful, robust civic infrastructure that can transform disproportionately impacted neighborhoods. Central Valley Health Policy Institute (CVHPI) used a community-based participatory research approach to assess the transformation of neighborhoods from the ground up.


In order to address the disproportionately impacted neighborhoods and integrate residents civic voice, the Fresno DRIVE Civic Infrastructure was created to utilize neighborhoods hubs as a necessary means to challenge the systemic barriers that historical redlining created in the City of Fresno. The Fresno DRIVE Civic Infrastructure Initiative was one of the first to utilize a community-based participatory research (CBPR) evaluation approach within neighborhood hubs and the residents of Fresno to help address, and transform disproportionately impacted neighborhoods from the ground up. The neighborhood hubs were centered geographically around areas that lacked economic and racial advancements. The needs assessment integrated a mixed-method analysis approach to gather a better understanding of community voice, and development of resident leaders. The neighborhood hubs assisted in the development of the research questions and the survey tool for the residents. CVHPI followed up with activities by interviewing the hub leaders to learn more about their activities and the leaderships needs in order to create strengthened leaders to better prepare residents to engage civically. The results showed there was a need for self-efficacy among residents by neighborhoods, the need for neighborhood equality and neighborhood safety were significant key findings to guide further capacity building of hubs. Hubs also voiced the need for further capacity building to integrate power building, civic voice and address policy changes in their work within the city of Fresno. Central Valley Health Policy Institute also integrated a tableau dashboard as a visual data analysis guidance tool of the significant findings and baseline neighborhood characteristics.