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Central Valley Health Policy Institute

Fellowships & Internships

Opportunities with CVHPI

Research Internship

The goal of the Research Internship experience is that students learn to understand, analyze, interpret and communicate qualitative and/or quantitative data. Although interns will vary in emphasis, all should develop critical foundation skills in working with data in a scientifically sound environment. 

Please click here to view more information about the Research Internship with CVHPI. 

The Health Career Connection (HCC) Summer Internship

Program provides undergraduates and recent college graduates with Practical Experience, Exposure, Mentoring, Professional Development, and Networking.

Please click here to view more information about applying for the HCC Internship program.


Please check back for more opportunities!

Health Policy Leadership Program: Closed for Applications

HPLP 2016

Since 2005, the Health Policy Leadership Program (HPLP) at Fresno State’s Central Valley Health Policy Institute has offered professional growth and development opportunities to emerging local and regional leaders as they explore key issues in health policy. The COVID-19 pandemic, economic hardships for working families, and division of political thought provide opportunities to come together for the healing of community health. Recent efforts to eliminate inequalities have been met with deep distrust of democracy and limited hope for the potential of fair governance. As the social determinants of health model gains broad support among policy makers and advocates, efforts to build healthier, more prosperous communities now emphasize neighborhood equitable, resident-led redevelopment and stronger local institutions planned for resilience and sustainability.  

The HPLP 2022-2023: Equity & Bridging Divides cohort will provide perspective and skill development opportunities for emerging public and nonprofit organization leaders. Participants will learn leadership skills with a focus on enhancing their organization’s capacity to address equity and move forward with these conditions.


HPLP participants will work in pairs to develop, implement, and report on projects that address specific equity and renewal challenges for their organizations and communities. Past projects explored priority issues such as engaging uninsured persons in preventive care, engaging residents in addressing environmental concerns, and building resident and neighborhood capacity for partnerships for system and policy change and enhancing organizational capacity to address health inequalities or other topics.


The Health Policy Leadership Program consists of 14 virtual sessions across 8 months. Each session will be four hours long. Each month, starting on September 30, 2022, sessions will include lecture materials and small group conversations about various health equity challenges and how a health equity lens is a useful tool for planning institutional and social movement-oriented solutions. Past programs have shown that two or more participants from an organization or network is helpful to the creation of impactful projects and individual growth.

If you would like to join the HPLP Equity & Building Divides cohort, please apply via the online application and submit a letter of support from your supervisor authorizing the required time commitment. We welcome participants from all career paths including public health, social services, economic and community development agencies, and the full range of community-based and grass-root organizations who want to have an impact on this important issue.

In this program, you will develop skills and knowledge to:

  • Understand health equity and how to expand it through health in all policies strategies and health systems reforms
  • Engage with others and strategically communicate around health fairness issues
  • Conduct and interpret organizational assessment and strategic planning techniques
  • Use existing data sources and plan for new research to identify and understand barriers to health equity
  • Employ health equity and renewal tools to guide program development
  • Develop and test messaging and outreach strategies for community renewal engagement

For more information on specific meeting dates, or if you would like to print this information, please view our flyer by clicking here

Program Cost
(Scholarships available)

For questions or comments, please contact Stephanie Chan at the following:
Phone: (559)228-2018
*Please note that the office is currently undergoing transitionary changes and email is the best form of contact as of 7/7/2022. We apologize for any inconveniences. 

Applications for the HPLP is now closed for the year. Check back again next year! 

Posted July 7, 2022
Last updated September 29, 2022

Health Care Internships (Summer)

Health Care Interns

The Central Valley Health Policy Institute is working in partnership with Health Career Connection (HCC) to offer a 10-week health care  during the summer months.

For more detailed information about HCC and the student internships, please visit the HCC website.

Interested students should apply directly through Health Career Connection.

If you have any questions or interest in becoming an intern, please email Emanuel Alcala at the Central Valley Health Policy Institute.

Posted August 1, 2021
Last updated August 26, 2021

Research Internship


The goal of the Research Internship experience is that students learn to understand, analyze, interpret and communicate qualitative and/or quantitative data. Although interns will vary in emphasis, all should develop critical foundation skills in working with data in a scientifically sound environment. Tasks may include the following and are not limited to conducting literature reviews, data transcription and entry, manage data systems and databases, implement data analysis techniques, produce graphic information and reports, and contribute independently towards a team goal.  Internships are part-time and are based at the Central Valley Health Policy Institute.

The educational outcomes and learning objectives for interns will be to:

  1. Learn measures and indicators within a health policy theoretical framework, most importantly those under the social determinants of health.
  2. Learn to use and synthesize publicly available quantitative data and policy information.
  3. Learn how to use survey platforms, conduct focus groups, code and report qualitative data.

Central Valley Health Policy Institute
1625 E. Shaw Ave, Suite #146
Fresno, CA 93710

Job Type
10-20 hours/week

How to Apply

We offer our Research Internship to Fresno State students and non-Fresno State students alike. Individuals who are currently an undergraduate, graduate, or seeking experience in the field of public health research are more than welcome to apply. Due to the competitive nature of the Research Internship, we are requesting all those interested to submit a CV or resume with a personal statement with no more than 750 words. To apply, please write to Emanuel Alcala (  with a CV or resume and a statement with the following items:

  • Tell us about yourself. 
  • How might your interests align with being a research intern with CVHPI?
  • What are your short-term goals for this research position? What are your long-term goals? 
  • If you are a Fresno State student, please include your most up to date GPA. 

For more information regarding the CVHPI Research Internship, please contact Emanuel Alcala via email (

Posted August 23, 2021
Last updated August 26, 2021