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Central Valley Health Policy Institute

Research and Policy

Adequate Prenatal Care and Birth Outcome- A three-year birth file analysis and A provider perspective

Marlene Bengiamin, Ph.D.

This study examines impact of demographics, place of residence, birth-year and systems of care on adequate prenatal care and birth outcomes for the uninsured/underinsured in the San Joaquin Valley. Read the abstract (MSWord) and view the poster (PDF)

Health-Line Medical Call Center Using Cellular Phone Technology in Bangladesh: Lessons Learned in Breaking Economic and Social Barriers in Accessing Healthcare

Mohammad Rahman, PhD, Health Science

The purpose of this project is to understand the impact on access and customer/patient satisfaction through the use of Health-Line Medical Call Center service using cellular phone technology. Read the abstract (MSWord)

Combining Patient Perspectives with Policy-Relevant Quantitative Data in Health Access Research

Mathilda Ruwe, MD, MPH, PhD

Combining qualitative and quantitative data can lead to a better understanding of barriers to health care access and adherence. Traditional approaches of analyzing patient perspectives qualitatively, without linking them to policy-relevant outcomes, fails to establish the role of socio-cultural factors in health policy interventions; while researcher-derived quantitative measures may not be sensitive enough. Read the abstract (MSWord) and view the poster (PDF)

Impact of Community and Store Level Factors on Youth Access to Tobacco

View the poster