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School of Nursing

Application and Deadline

The program is on impacted status (the number of applications received is greater than the number of vacancies for the program). Therefore, admission into the nursing major is very competitive; there is no waiting list. Admission selection is based on meeting the minimum requirements to apply and review of top candidates by prerequisite GPA. If not selected, and you are an incoming transfer student your major will be changed to your secondary option and you will not be allowed to apply again until you have graduated from that major and reapplied as a second bachelors student. If you are a continuing Pre-Nursing student prior to Fall 2020 or if you are a new Pre-Health student starting Fall 2020 and forward you may reapply and will compete with the entire new applicant pool if not selected..


To learn more about Fresno State's Nursing Admissions for the BSN program, please click here: Fresno State Nursing Admissions