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The Silent Garden

Past Lectures

Learn about our previous lectures

Gael Hannan was our guest lecturer and discussed the impact of hearing loss on relationships, raising children, work issues, and the things we love to do. There was also a panel of individuals who shared how they deal with their hearing losses.  Additionally, we held a support group in the afternoon for attendees to share their experiences with others.

Two Silent Garden Lectures were held this year.

First was a two-day summit, a collaborative partnership between The Silent Garden program and the California Department of Education, brought 200 administrators and educational interpreters from throughout the state to campus. Participants discussed roles and responsibilities of educators and interpreters of the deaf and hard of hearing, learned new state standards and curriculum goals and received information about required assessments and certifications in the field. (Read more or view more photos.)

The second event involved president of Gallaudet University Roberta Cordano as the keynote speaker. was hosted alongside Fresno State’s Celebration of Diversity event recognizing the 200th anniversary of Deaf Education in the United States (hosted in the morning).  This afternoon lecture was attended by many Fresno State students, local teachers, and families.  Irma Sanchez was the invited back: Working with Latino Families with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children. Her earlier lecture done in Spanish was primarily for Latino Families with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children.  


Latinos are among the largest minority within the Deaf and hard of hearing community. Even with these high numbers, services and resources that serve this population are limited. Irma Sanchez, founder of nonprofit "Deaf Latinos", gave an empowering talk about her experience raising 3 deaf children in a Latino household. We also heard from Latino parents and the obstacles they've faced with their DHH children. Irma connected Latino families with helpful resources to help them raise their DHH child(ren) successfully. (Read more or view more photos

This Silent Garden Lecture focused on couples communication and issues related to hearing loss with Drs. Samuel and Janet Trychin entitled “"You never listen to me" and other Hearing Loss-Related Stories:  Real World Communication Solutions.”  This fun and interactive workshop provided tactics and strategies found useful for preventing or reducing hearing loss-related communication breakdowns. Participants learned helpful tools for building and sustaining those relationships that give life zest and meaning! (Read more).

 Dr. Carol J. Patrie focused on communication and sign language interpreting and well attended by professionals, students and community members. 

 The inaugural lecture kicked off with Dr. T. Alan Hurwitz, President of Gallaudet University on leadership and breaking the glass ceiling.  This same weekend, Fresno State honored Dr. Hurwitz with an honorary doctorate making him an official Fresno State alumnus.