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The Silent Garden

Scarlett's Park

Past Conferences

 Andrea, Paul, and Heather

Conference Chair, Andrea DaSilva Perez; Founder of The Silent Garden, Paul Ogden; Distinguished Scarlett’s Park Lecturer, Heather Lightfoot Withrow

Inaugural Scarlett’s Park Conference Focusing on Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children with Special Needs

Conference Details

Date: Friday and Saturday, September 14th and 15th, 2018

Keynote Speaker: Heather Lightfoot Withrow

Keynote Address: Lessons from a Family Looking for Their Groove When Everyone is Unique

Parents’ Panel: Jeanne Glad, Evelyn Pena, Mary Slotnick, George Walker

Deaf Plus Panel: Five Deaf Adults Share their life experiences

Workshop Presenters and Workshop Titles

Barbara Blakeslee - Transitions

Kimberly Coy - Universal Design for Learning

Rachel Narr - Educational Choices

Nancy Eddy - Deaf Plus Adults

Natasha Kordus - Does this Diagnosis Matter?

Evelyn Peña - Qualities of Raising a Deaf Child w/ Unique Abilities in a Latino Household

Nancy Eddy - An Adoptive Mother's Journey

Sean Virnig - Education Policy Pathways for Deaf Plus Children

The Second Annual Scarlett's Park Conference focusing on Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children with Autism

Conference Details:

Date: September 27 & 28, 2019


Keynote Presentations: 

  1. Won't you be my neighbor? How Mister Rogers' Neighborhood can give us the answers we need to support children who are Deaf and have Autism by Christen A. Szymanski

  2. Be Their Advocate: Amplifying the Needs of Your DHH Child with ASD by Rosangela Jaech

  3. Red Flags: The Presentation of ASD in Children who are DHH & Considerations for Support and Intervention by Amy Szarkowski

  4. Opening the Door that Got Stuck: Exploring Pathways of Communication for Children on the Autism Spectrum by Jeffery S. Bravin

  5. Understanding the DSM-5 Diagnostic Criteria for Autism and Best Practice Assessment Guidelines by Holly Miller

  6. Evidence-based Treatment for Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder by Karen Wilson

Conference Details:

Date: September 24 & 25, 2021

Speakers and presentations:

Scarlett's Park Speakers

Stephanie W. Cawthon
"Deaf students with learning disabilities: Considering root causes in the design of supportive learning environments"

Peter C. Hauser
"Deaf Neurodiversity"

M. Natasha Kordus
"Unpacking learning disabilities: What really works with Deaf and Hard of Hearing kids"

Jennifer Labriola-Megee
"How to embrace reading and math challenges and make literacy-based learning work in the classrooms with students that have learning disabilities"

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Scarletts Park

Conference Details:

Date: September 23 and 24, 2022

The fourth annual Scarlett’s Park Conference focused on Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children with CHARGE Syndrome. It was essential and inspirational for all families, teachers, professionals, interns, and students. Many expressed how pleased they were with so much relevant information presented – opening many avenues into the world of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children with CHARGE Syndrome.

Everyone appreciated the new research and enhanced the approaches of working with CHARGE Learners.  So much information they shared was absolutely cutting-edge material for the entire field of special education for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children, youth, and adults.  

Speakers and Presentations:

Three individuals headshots

  • Dr. Kasee Stratton-Gadke
    "Understanding CHARGE Syndrome and Recent Research Findings"
  • Susanne Morgan Morrow, MA, CI/CT
    "Communication Needs & Modifications to Sign Language for Learners with CHARGE"
  • Christopher Russell, TVI
    "Availability for Learning and the CHARGE Syndrome Experience"

Everyone valued highly the comments, thoughts, and insights of the two panels: one of parents and another of young adults with CHARGE. All in all, a terrific experience for our audiences!

Another highlight of the conference was the panel of parents of children/young adults with CHARGE Syndrome moderated by: Penni Echols. The Panelists were Yessica Elliot, Matthew Jones, and Darlene Norman.

Equally cherished highlight of the conference was the panel of young Deaf and hard of hearing adults with CHARGE Syndrome moderated by Susanne Morgan Morrow. The panelists were Shannon Boelter, Meri Dwyer, Aubrey Williams, Philip Wismer.

We were honored by the presence of Heather Lightfoot Withrow, our very first Scarlett's Park Distinguished Lecturer at our inaugural conference in 2018.

Download and view presentations

Zoom screen showing various presenters

Zoom screen showing various presenters

Zoom screen showing various presenters