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Department of Communicative Sciences and Deaf Studies

Application Forms and Fees

The Fresno State-Scottish Rite Speech and Language Clinic accepts applications from people in the community, as well as from medical facilities or doctors' referrals. In order to be considered for a diagnostic session or possible treatment, please complete an online Case History Form with information specific to the client. Please email with questions.

When the online Case History Form is received, the client will be automatically placed on our waiting list for future consideration. Clients are typically served on a first come, first served basis. However, because the purpose of the clinic is to train future speech-language pathologists, clients will occasionally be chosen from the waiting list that are demonstrating specific disorders in order to provide specialized training for our students.

Please do keep in mind that historically the waiting period has been anywhere between 6 to 9 months, but can be more or less. A staff member from the office will contact you when an appointment becomes available. Note that most of our correspondence will be done via email unless asked to do otherwise.



Clinic Fees

*Donations are greatly accepted but not required for participation.

Speech and Language Service Fees
Speech and Language Clinic Services Fee
Speech and/or Language Diagnostic Free
Individual Speech and/or Language Therapy Free
Preschools Free
Preschools - Additional Sibling Free
Preschools - Fresno State Students Free
Preschools - Children of Fresno State Student  Free
CSDS Research Service Fees
CSDS Research Clinic Services Fee
Aphasia and Brain Injury Individual Research Clinic Free
Aphasia Group Research Clinic Free
SPEAK OUT!® Parkinson's Speech Therapy Research Clinic Free