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Department of Communicative Sciences and Deaf Studies

Student Outcome Data

2018-2021 Student Praxis Results


The Praxis II

The Praxis II Speech-Language Pathology Test evaluates the beginning clinician's knowledge of fundamental speech-language pathology concepts, as well as current practices in the field. Passing this test is necessary to obtain the ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence and the state license in speech-language pathology. In addition, California Assembly Bill 2837 requires candidates for the California clear Speech-Language Pathology Services Credential to pass this test. Nearly all speech pathology graduate students in our program take this test near the end of their graduate studies. Here are the passing rates for our students for the past 3 years:

3-Year Average    94.44%
Period Number of Test-takers Taking the exam Number of Test-takers Passed Pass rate 
2020 - 2021 36 33 91.67%
2019 - 2020 26 26 100%
2018 - 2019 24 22 91.67%

Method for reporting praxis examination pass rate data:               
ETS Data  X / Institutional Data


Completion Rates

The following percentage of our speech-language pathology graduate students completed their MA degree successfully within a five-semester period and those not completing the program:

3-Year Average   99.01%
Period Number completing on time Number completing later than on time Number not 
2020 - 2021 42 0 0 42
2019 - 2020 30 1 0 31
2018 - 2019 34 7 0 41


Employment Rates

There is a high demand for speech-language pathologists, both in schools and in medical facilities. Our students usually are employed soon after they obtain their MA degrees.

The following list shows the percentage of students who were actively looking for employment and found jobs within 30 days of graduation:

3-Year Average   100%
Academic Year  Number of Graduates Employed Number of Graduates not employed Total
2020 - 2021 42 0 42
2019 - 2020 31 0 31
2018 - 2019 34 0 34

Note: These employment data were obtained from exit interviews with graduates and alumni surveys.