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Department of Physical Therapy

Fresno State Gait Analysis Movement Evaluation Lab (GAME Lab)

The Gait Analysis Movement Evaluation (GAME) Research Laboratory is a 1050 square foot facility located within the Department of Physical Therapy in the College of Health and Human Services. The laboratory has the capability of performing 3-dimensional motion analysis using a nine-camera Optotrak image capturing system and Kistler force platforms. The software used to process the imaging and force platform data (Visual 3D) provides Real-Time feedback, used for biofeedback training. The laboratory has the capability of measuring muscle activation patterns using the wireless eight channel Noraxon electromyography unit. The laboratory also houses the testing strength isokinetic dynamometer and other basic clinical equipment needed for a standard gait analysis laboratory.

Various faculty in the Department collaborate on various clinical research projects. The GAME lab employs students from both the Physical Therapy and Kinesiology Departments, working on many different research projects. Three student projects were recently accepted for the annual Physical Therapy Conference in 2016. GAME lab has active collaborations with Valley Children’s Hospital, Department of Kinesiology, Department of Child and Family Services, and Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Services Provided

  • Running Clinic
  • Amputee Gait
  • Cerebral Palsy Gait Evaluation and Clinic

For more information, contact

Jennifer Roos, PT, DPT