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Department of Physical Therapy

Doctor of Physical Therapy Admission Requirements


Admission for Fall 2022 Opens July 2021

See COVID-19 Updates HERE

**Admission Requirements are updated annually in March/April for the upcoming admission cycle starting in July.**

***Changes for Fall 2022: 1 semester of Biology (Life Science) is required as an additional prerequisite.  If you are planning to apply in the future, be sure to plan ahead**

Applications are processed through PTCAS.  See Fresno State's PTCAS Program Page for more details.

To apply to the Fresno State's DPT Program, a student must complete ALL items below:

Bachelor's Degree

Hold or be eligible to receive a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university by the end of the spring semester/quarter prior to admission to the program. Any major is accepted.

Undergraduate Cumulative GPA

A minimum 3.0 GPA for on all undergraduate coursework is also required.  The undergraduate cumulative GPA is calculated by PTCAS (not the institution where you received your bachelor's degree) and includes failed and repeated courses, even if they are later repeated for a higher grade or excluded from the GPA on the transcript. See PTCAS for more information on how the undergraduate cumulative GPA is calculated.  

Average GPA for Accepted Students can be found in the PTCAS Program Directory.  

Prerequisite Courses (10 total)

In-progress Winter or Spring prerequisite courses will not be allowed.  Additionally, applicants can only have 2 prerequisite courses in progress during the Fall term in which they are applying.  All 10 prerequisite courses must be completed by the end of the Fall term in which the PTCAS application is submitted.   Applicants with prerequisite courses planned for Spring 2022 will have an incomplete application and not be considered for admission.

Receive a grade of C or better in each prerequisite course and maintain a minimum prerequisite GPA of 3.0

Average GPA for Accepted Students can be found in the PTCAS Program Directory.  

All science courses must include laboratories and cannot be at an introductory level. Human Anatomy and Physiology must be taken from the Anatomy, Physiology, Anatomy & Physiology, Biology or Zoology department. Combined Human Anatomy and Physiology courses will be considered only if a combined course sequence (2 semesters or 2/3 quarters) is completed.

AP credit, CR/NC grades* (See COVID-19 Updates HERE), correspondence courses, or independent study courses cannot be used for prerequisite requirements. 

Course equivalencies: If prerequisite courses are taken at a school other than Fresno State, please ensure they are equivalent by checking (for California universities).  If you have a course taken out of state and you are unsure if it is equivalent, please contact the Admissions Coordinator, Ashley Behlen, at to verify equivalency.  You will need the name of the institution, course number, term/year, course description, and syllabus (preferred). You can also submit this information through your PTCAS Application as a document upload.

Prerequisite Repeat Policy: No course may be repeated more than one (1) time and no more than three (3) prerequisite courses may be repeated.

Coursework older than 7 years is not accepted.  If you need to retake a course because it is over 7 years old, it does not count as a repeated course.  
For the current application cycle for admission for Fall 2022, courses taken in 2014 are accepted, while courses taken in 2013 are NOT accepted. 


Online Courses(See COVID-19 Updates HERE)

Course Fresno State Students Non-Fresno State Students

Human Anatomy


Biol 64


Biol 67A & 67B

Human Anatomy with lab

(1 semester or 1/2 quarters,  5/6 quarter units)

*No online courses. Hybrid courses with lab in-person and lecture online are accepted

Human Physiology

Biol 65


Biol 67A & 67B

Human Physiology with lab

(1 semester or 1/2 quarters,  5/6 quarter units)

*No online courses. Hybrid courses with lab in-person and lecture online are accepted


**Starting Fall 2022 Admission**

Biol 10 or Biol 1A

**Starting Fall 2022 Admission**

Biology (Life Science) with lab

(1 semester or 1/2 quarters,  5/6 quarter units)

*No online courses.  Hybrid courses with lab in-person and lecture online are accepted

**Starting Fall 2022 Admission**


Chem 1A, 1AL, 1B, 1BL series


Chem 3A/3B/3BL series

General Chemistry series with labs

(2 semesters/3 quarters)

*No online courses.  Hybrid courses with lab in-person and lecture online are accepted


Phys 2A, 2B

General Physics with labs including mechanics, heat, light, sound, and electricity

(2 semesters/3 quarters)

*No online courses.  Hybrid courses with lab in-person and lecture online are accepted

Psychology (General, Intro, Developmental, or Life Span)

Psych 10, Psych 123, Psych 155

General psychology, developmental psychology or lifespan psychology accepted.

(1 semester/4 quarters units)

*Online courses accepted.

Abnormal Psychology, Psychopathology,  or 
Psychological Aspects of Disability

Psych 66, Psych 169

Abnormal Psychology, Psychopathology. or Psychological Aspects of Disability

(1 semester/4 quarter units)

*Online courses accepted.


PH 92, Psych 42, 
Math 11

Any Introduction to basic statistics course

(1 semester/4 quarter units)

*Online courses accepted.

*Fresno State students: The Chemistry Department does not allow students to take the Chem 3 series after already taken or attempted the Chem 1 series.

Standardized Test Scores

Submit full GRE test scores. Take the GRE before date below and arrange for ETS to send your official GRE scores directly to PTCAS Fresno State at code: 7798.  

Fresno State Professional Test Center: Take the GRE On-Campus (Currently not available, see below for more GRE Info)

COVID-19 Updates: GRE Test at Home (See COVID-19 Updates HERE

Last acceptable GRE test date for this cycle: 9/15/2021
Oldest GRE test date considered for this cycle: 9/15/2016

Strength of Professional Evaluations

Three (3) letters of recommendation (LORs) are REQUIRED

Arrange for three (3) letters of recommendation to be sent to PTCAS on your behalf. (See COVID-19 Updates HERE

(2) are REQUIRED to be from a licensed physical therapist. Fresno State physical therapy faculty are not acceptable references.

(1) is REQUIRED to be from a professor, who you have taken a course from (4-year university professor recommended)

If you submit more letters than required, only 3 LORs are considered. 

Preferred method: Use the electronic reference process on PTCAS and submit by PTCAS application deadline. If needed, the paper reference option is available on the PTCAS website. An original letter must accompany the reference request form in order to be accepted and must be in a sealed envelope on official institutional or business stationery. 

Submit a Cal State Apply Graduate Application by January 15, 2022

  • Arrange for all transcripts and GRE scores to be sent to Fresno State Graduate Admissions

In-Person Interview

  • COVID-19 could impact our in-person interviews; however, we will require a virtual interview if in-person is not feasible due to COVID-19
  • Meeting the foregoing criteria does not guarantee an applicant an interview.
  • If you have (1) fulfilled the minimum admission requirements and (2) you graduated high school from one of the following counties; Fresno, Tulare, Madera, Merced, Stanislaus, Kern, Tuolumne, Mariposa, or Kings, (or if you graduated from Fresno State) you will be invited for an interview
  • If you are not from one of the counties listed, you are still eligible for an interview

**Late and incomplete applications will not be considered.  Friendly reminder that PTCAS is on the Eastern Time Zone**

Tuition Cost:
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DPT Program Curriculum Matrix:
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