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Department of Public Health

Certificates and Minors

Alcohol and Drug Studies Certificate Program

The Alcohol and Drug Studies Certificate Program is available to students currently enrolled at Fresno State and recent graduates of Fresno State. A certificate in Alcohol and Drug Studies is awarded to those students who successfully complete a minimum of 12 units of interdisciplinary academic coursework in the area of alcohol and drug abuse.

Students seeking the certificate must do so prior to graduation and be regularly enrolled in the university and must have completed two years of college or two years of experience related to the field of alcohol/drug abuse.

All coursework must be taken for a letter grade and completed with a grade of C or better in each of the 9 required units and the 3 units of electives. 

Required Courses (9 units)

PH 110 - Drugs, Society, and Health - 3 units
PH 111 - Alcohol and Alcoholism - 3 units
SWRK 129: Treatment of Chemical Dependency - 3 units

Electives - Choose one or more (3 units)

PH 114 - Behavior Modification - 3 units
CRIM 141 - Alcohol, Drugs, and Criminality - 3 units
WGSS 115 - Women, Children & Alcohol - 1 unit

Other electives may be approved by the Public Health Dept. Chair

*12 total units required

To obtain your certificate

Email the Department of Public Health administrative office at to indicate that you have completed the required courses to obtain the Program Certificate. Include your full name, student I.D. number and phone number in the email.

For questions or more information, contact the Department of Public Health at 559.278.4014.

Emergency Management Certificate

The Emergency Management Certificate is a comprehensive course of study designed to give students foundation in the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform emergency management duties in the public or private sector. This 21 unit certificate will be offered in an online format.

Program Requirements:

PH 126 - Hazardous Materials Management - 3 Units
PH 169 - Emergency & Disaster Mangement: Planning, Response, Recovery - 3 Units
PH 171 - Exercise Design Evaluation - 3 Units
PH 172 - Emergency Management Support Function - 3 Units
PH 173 -  Emergency Managemeng Planning - 3 Units
PH 174 - Incident Management Systes - 3 Units
PH 176 - Critical Infrastructure Threat and Risk Assessment - 3 Units

Total units (21 units)

Emergency Medical Services Certificate of Completion

More Information to Come

Public Health Minor

The Public Health Minor prepares students for career opportunities in Public Health.  All students are required to complete the Public health core classes, with an additional nine units selected in conjunction with academic advisor. 

Requirements (15 units)
PH 92 - Public Health Statistics - 3 Units
PH 100 - Community Heath - 3 Units
PH 109 -  Epidemiology of Disease - 3 Units
PH 161 - Environment and Human Health - 3 Units
PH 163 - Public Health Administration - 3 Untis

Additional requirements (9 units)
Take all three courses from one of the following special topic areas:

Health Foundations
PH 114 - Health Behavior - 3 Units
PH 131 - Principles of Health Education - 3 Units
PH 188i - Health Education Internship - 1-3 Units

Health Care Utilization
PH 104 - Global and Cultural Issues in Health - 3 Units
PH 129 - Rural Health - 3 Units
PH 154 - Health Care Administration - 3 Units

Environmental Occupational Health and Safety
PH 162 - Environmental Health Concepts - 3 Units
PH 170 - Air Pollution and Health - 3 Units
PH 175i - Environmental Internship - 1-4 Units 

Total (24 units)

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For questions or more information, contact Dr. Kara Zografos at or 559.278.4014.