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Department of Public Health

Meet our Faculty 

Our faculty are comprised of public health leaders with varying degrees of expertise in the field of public health. Click on each faculty member's name to view detailed contact information.

Full-Time Faculty 

Community Health

mary garza

Dr. Mary Garza, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor 
Undergraduate Program Coordinator

blank image

Dr. Miguel Perez, Ph.D. 
Graduate Program Director

greg thatcher

Dr. Greg Thatcher, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor 

Environmental Occupational Health and Safety 

rohan jadhav

Dr. Rohan Jadhav, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor 

jaymin kwon

Dr. Jaymin Kwon, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor 
Undergraduate Program Coordinator 

susan mirlohi

Dr. Susan Mirlohi, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor


Health Administration

tanisha garcia

Dr. Tanisha Garcia, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor
Internship Coordinator 

blank image

Dr. Suzanne Kotkin-Jaszi, Ph.D.
Undergraduate Program Coordinator 

Qiwei Li

Dr. Qiwei Li, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor 

Department Chair

Part-Time Faculty 

Name  Title Email 
Marc Boswell, MS Lecturer
Edward Boyle, MPH Lecturer 
Clara Escamilla, MPH  Lecturer
Alida Espinoza, MS  Lecturer
Joelle George, MPH Lecturer
Rosendo Iniguez, MPH  Lecturer
Sean Johnson, MPH  Lecturer
Leepao Khang, Ph.D.  Lecturer 
Paul Mills, Ph.D.  Lecturer 
Manal Samaha, MS  Lecturer 
Chia Thao, MS  Lecturer
Elizabeth Tucker Lecturer
Robin Wood, MS  Lecturer