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Department of Public Health

Frequently Asked Questions


Once a year. Applications are accepted in the Spring for the Fall semester.

Deadline to submit applications is February 1st. Applicants are notified in late May and early June. In the packet you are required to apply to both the MPH and the university by February 1st.

Yes. You can apply at CalStateApply.

You are advised to send your GRE general exam scores along with your application. Applications lacking GRE scores may not be fully considered.

There is no minimum GRE requirement for the MPH program. GRE scores are considered along with GPA, letters of recommendation, work experience, and statement of purpose.

 Yes, we need to have an official copy to evaluate your GPA and to determine whether or not you need to complete any prerequisites.

  • PH 92 - Public Health Statistics or equivalent 
  • PH 100 - Community Health or equivalent 
  • PH 109 - Epidemiology or equivalent 
  • PH 163 - Public Health Administration or equivalent

 No interviews are done. Your selection is based on your application, letter of intent, letters of recommendation, transcripts and GRE scores.

 No. You need to obtain a student ID number by first applying to CSUMentor.


 Yes, our program is a hybrid program designed to be completed in two years.

Every year we accept students in the Fall semester. Each group will be assigned to a cohort for that term to complete the program. Keeping with the cohort will avoid problems of not knowing what classes to take or having to stay an extra semester to pay for more classes.

Comprehensive Exam, Thesis or Project

Spring: April 20th of every year 
Fall: November 20th of every year 

If the dates above fall on a weekend, then the deadline is extended to the next working day.


While you may discuss your academic and personal plans with any faculty member in the department, official advisement can only be provided by the option advisors listed below: 

Health Promotion: Dr. Kara Zografos,


No committee is needed for the thesis. 

Guidelines for the thesis are formulated by the Division of Graduate Studies.

You need a three person committee for the project. Two of the faculty members -- including the chair -- must be a full-time faculty in the Deparment of Public Health. The third committee member (reader) can be anyone of your choosing providing they have a master level degree preferably in Public Health.

Guidelines for the project may be found in the MPH Canvas site.