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Department of Public Health

Health Administration students

Explore the Health Administration option

The health administration option provides a broad based program to prepare the student for administrative positions within the health care system. The curriculum is designed with an emphasis on exposing the student to the principles of health services administration and the application of these principles.

Careers in the field

Some careers in the field including the following: 

  • Medical Director
  • Assisted Living Residence Administrator
  • Healthcare Consultant
  • Medical Records Manager
  • Healthcare Administrator
  • Health Information Manager
  • Health Service Manager
  • Hospital Administrator

For more information about the job outlook for careers in Health Administration, please click the link here: the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website

Learn about our curriculum

15 Units Required
Course Course Title  Units
PH 92 Public Health Statistics 3 Units
PH 100 Community Health 3 Units
PH 109 Epidemiology of Disease 3 Units
PH 161 Environment and Human Health 3 Units
PH 163 Public Health Administration 3 Units


16 units required
Course Course Title  Units
PH 151 Health Law and Legislation 3 Units
PH 156 Health & Well-Being in the San Joaquin Valley 3 Units
MKTG 100S Marketing Concepts 4 Units

Choose One:

Course Course Title  Units
PH 154 Health Care Administration 3 Units
PLSI 181 Public Administration 3 Units
MGT 104 Administrative Principles of Mangement 3 Untis

Choose One:

Course  Course Title  Units
PH 155 Utilization of Health Care Resources  3 Units
ECON 162 Health Economics 4 Units

Select 15-16 units from:

Course Course Title Units
PH 104 Global and Cultural Issues in Health 3 Units
PH 114 Health Behavior 3 Units
PH 115 Health Issues of Aging 3 Units
PH 129 Rural Health 3 Units
PH 143 Occupational Safety 3 Units
PH 168A Occupational Health Concepts 3 Units
PH 185F Fieldwork in Health 1-3 Units
MKTS 132 Promotion Mix: Principles and Practices 3 Units
SOC 147 Medical Sociology 3 Units

Course Course Title Units
ECON 40 Principles of Microeconomics 3 Untis
ACCT 3 Essentials of Accounting 3 Units
PH 182 Computers for the Health Profession 3 Units
PH 153 Principles of Healthcare Finance 3 Units


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Contact Us

Mohammad Rahman, Ph.D. 
Option Coordinator and Professor
Science II, Room 244


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