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Department of Public Health

Undergraduate Internships

Congratulations in wanting to explore an internship option with the Department of Public Health.

The undergraduate internship in the Department of Public Health provides students an opportunity to observe, participate, and learn from practicing public health professionals, which in turn, helps to prepare them for work as a public health professional. Most internship positions are on a volunteer basis for which students do not receive financial support. Below is a brief explanation of the steps needed to enroll. 

It is critical that students start planning for their internship at least one semester prior to enrolling in PH 185FI or PH 188I. Students must begin by discussing their interests with (1) their academic advisor and (2) the department’s Internship Coordinator, in that order. 

It is the responsibility of the student to schedule an interview with the contact person of the prospective organization(s). View the link below for current agency/organizations contact information.

Internship Site Information   View Public Health Organizations Only


Enrollment Process

Students need to be academically prepared for the internship placement and have met all of the following requirements. Students who fail to complete these processes will be unable to begin the internship as scheduled. Students will be allowed no more than two (2) weeks to clear requirements and begin internship. Delays beyond two weeks will result in administrative withdrawal from internship.

View Internship Manual

Students are required to complete a minimum of hours for each three units:

  • 130 hours for PH 185FI and PH 188I

Each class has a set number of classroom hours. For instance students in PH 185FI and PH 188I will meet for 5 hours for mandatory classes and the remaining 125 hours will be in the field.

Interested students should start looking for a site as soon as possible. This way you secure a site and your internship instructor can provide you with a permission number to enroll for the Fall. You'll find the Internship Manual attached along with our current list of sites. Please contact agencies in a professional manner.

Below are the requirements for the internships. Please meet with the appropriate internship instructor to complete the A-G forms electronically. 

View these next steps to complete your internship placement: 

  • Work with the internship coordinator before moving to the next step;
  • Contact the agency preceptor one semester before the scheduled semester for internships and schedule an interview;
  • Student must become familiar with the agency (e.g., website, financial, service area) before moving to the next step;
  • Develop goals before reaching out to the agency;
  • Provide the agency preceptor with a résumé (this step is not optional);
  • Treat the initial meeting like a job interview;
  • Become as familiar as possible with the agency ahead of time;
  • Complete all required paperwork via Adobe Sign (contact the appropriate instructor for this)
  • How to contact your chosen organization (see Informational Interview Networking Handout)

Please contact the appropriate internship coordinator to complete the following items:

  • Appendix A - Internship Authorization Form
  • Appendix B - Internship Agreement and Performance Standards
  • Appendix C - Agreement to Safeguard Confidential Information
  • Appendix D - Criteria for On-Site Preceptor
  • Appendix E - Internship Learning Agreement
  • Appendix F - Semester Work Plan/Internship Job Description
  • Appendix G - Release of Liability/Emergency Contact
  • Become familiar with the internship objectives and endeavor to meet them through outside reading and the fullest participation in every learning opportunity
  • Enroll in the class the semester before the student takes the class
  • Assume responsibility for planning finances, travel, and living arrangements during internship.

Undergraduate Internship Coordinators

Assistant Professor
Health Administration
Clara Escamilla
Community Health
Elizabeth Tucker
Environmental Occupational Health & Safety