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Department of Public Health

Community Health Students

Explore The Community Health Option

Note: Freshmen interested in the Community Health Option will need to apply to the Pre-Health Program. Upon successful completion of the Pre-Health Program, students can apply to this option. More information is available here. 

Increased concerns about chronic and emerging diseases, the need to provide accurate and timely information addressing the physical, psychological, social, emotional and intellectual needs of our country and nations throughout the world, as well as the cost-effectiveness of health promotion and disease prevention strategies provide the basis for a promising career in community health.

 The Community Health curriculum in the Department of Public Health is designed to prepare individuals to enter the work force as competent health educators in the private or public arenas. Students in this option are encouraged to seek the CHES certification following graduation.

The curriculum requires courses in the basic sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy and Physiology) as well as: Community Health, Epidemiology, Environmental Health, Health Administration, Health Behavior, Health Education Methods, Human Disease, Consumer Health, International Health, Substance Abuse, and many other topics. Program planning and evaluation are emphasized throughout the program.

Careers In The Field

Graduates typically obtain jobs in the medical, industrial, business, or educational fields. The Armed Services also recruit qualified graduates and many students go on to graduate degrees or enter professional programs. The Community Health Option is a very popular choice for those going into Physical Therapy, Medical School, Physician Assistant training, Occupational Therapy, Masters of Public Health programs, and many other professional fields.

According to the US Department of Labor the employment outlook for health educators is very strong. Follow this link for an article on the employment outlook for health educators.

Community Health Option Application

In order to declare the Community Health option as a major, interested students must submit a request to be placed on the application list.

Please complete the pre-application request form here: Community Health Pre-Application Request

Students on the application list can apply during the open application period available at the beginning of every Fall and Spring semester. For any questions, please contact our office at 559.278.4014.

*Freshmen students, please see the note above about the Pre-Health Pathways Program. 

**First-time transfer students, please contact our office. 

Learn About Our Curriculum

15 units needed
Course Course Title Units
PH 92 Public Health Statistics 3
PH 100 Community Health  3
PH 109 Epidemiology of Disease  3
PH 161 Environmental and Human Health 3
PH 163 Public Health Administration 3
* An additional 12 untis to be chosen in conjunction with advisor

21 units needed
Course Course Title  Units
PH 90 Contemporary Health Issues 3
PH 91 Human Sexuality  3
PH 110 Drugs, Society and Health 3
PH 114 Health Behavior 3
PH 131 Principles of Health Education 3
PH 133 Health Education Methods 3
PH 135 Introduction to Human Disease 3

Elective Requirements:
Select 6 units from: PH 48, 104, 105, 111, 112, 115, 127, 129, 130, 152T, 182; NUTR 53

Additional Requirements:
Select 15 units from : BIOL 10 or 110; CHEM 3A, 3B; BIO 33

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Contact Us

Mary Garza, Ph.D.
Program Coordinator and Associate Professor
McLane Hall, J-Wing 10

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Admission requirements (Freshmen  I  Transfer)

Important deadlines and dates (Freshmen  I  Transfer)

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